Today I have a special post for all of you.As you know Onlineguru365 has already have lots of articles on SEO and we always wanted to help you to optimize your blog or website.But Today I have a special article on WordPress SEO Optimization for bloggers.You can increase your search engine visibility by using all of those methods.When you will get better ranking in search Engine then you have chance to increase your traffic and sales as well.As we all know WordPress is the most used platform by self-hosted blogs.Wordpress is SEO optimized platform and this the reason we all use it.But it is not fully or 100% optimized.You have to put little hard work to make it 100% SEO optimized by using my Suggested plugins.


So it is very easy to submit any blog or website if you have access to its admin area to search engines by just copying the sitemap URL and processing next for submission.But everything not works perfect by just submitting the site to search engine until you will not optimize the posts.A perfect SEO optimized post not make by just content but it contains Keywords,that we always use in the header of our site or blog.We should also use those keywords in title of the post and in tags as well to optimize it perfectly.We will focus on WordPress as we know that it is easy to optimize for search engines.

SEO optimized post title and Search Engine title:




Mostly Search Engine title is different from main Post title.The main post title show in your blog above the post’s body and on the header bar pf your browser and the Search engine title shows in the search engine as the result of relevant queries.Google actually shows up to 60 characters in their search results.It will be better for you if you will use close to 60 words as much as you can.

Set Description and Keywords for Search Engine:



You know I personally know lots of WordPress user that just write a post,Publish it and start sharing it at social media sites and believe me this is not the right way to get traffic.I always suggest you to get traffic from social media also but not from just social media.Those WordPress users who use this type of tricks to get traffic always failed to get traffic from search engine.Search engines always rely on the post title,description,keywords and tags.Search engines mostly catch your title description and tags not the content of your post.So you need to put the summary of the post in the description box using you main Focus keyword.And keep in mind you need to write up to 160 words in this box as the summary of your post.But again I remind you that do not forget your keyword that you are focusing.Lots of bloggers put the all the keyword related to the post in their single post or keyword box but trust me you will not get any fruit.Just use a single keyword for a single post.

Interlinking Blog’s posts:


This is very important thing to know that the interlinking of posts have lots of benefits.For example,The Interlinking of blog’s posts reduce the bounce rate of your blog.Bounce rate is actually the rate of visitors who leave your blog without going to another post.Interlinking increase the page views of your site which increase the interest of search engines to index your site again and again until you will be not on the top.

Permalinks of the Post:


Permalink is the link that let the users to go on your post.As I mentioned in the above picture.I know lots of bloggers who use the post title as permalink but this is not right to optimize your post if you will do this then your Post optimization for search engine would hurt.Change a little bit the permalink of the post but don’t forget to use the main keyword of post in it.

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