No need to say that the Paypal is an only payment solution for every freelancer who is working online.Paypal account is also very important for those people who are living in those countries where Paypal still don’t have their service such as Afghanistan,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Iraq etc.i’m one of the freelancer&marketer living in Pakistan.I also have difficulties while using Paypal,Because i live in Pakistan and Paypal do not support Pakistan However,if you are using Paypal account from a non-supported country or a country where Paypal support,but if you are getting any problem,I mean if your Paypal account become limited or closed for any reason may have occurred to you in past or it can occur any time incoming time .i’ll explain in this article about withdrawing your remaining funds from Paypal account.there are some solutions with which it can be helpful for all of those reader who are hanging with this issue.we also had a very descent guide or eBook over Paypal in Pakistan.


Why your Paypal Account Got limited?

There are lots of reasons that’s why your Paypal account become limited,the common one reason is security or fraud.Paypal observe every activity very narrowly done by the customers.Due to which customer couldn’t fulfill the verification criteria required by Paypal which Paypal ask sometimes,And then your account gets limited,and you will see a screen something like this when you enter to your Paypal account next time:


There are lots of ways to get rid of these above problems.In case,your Paypal account is limited,Paypal suggest you to complete few steps to solve this problem and get your account back to normal.Paypal mostly ask to prove following of your information linked with your account:

  • verify your Identity by uploading copy of ID card
  • verify your debit/Credit card
  • verify your Mobile phone number
  • verify your Bank account

Mostly Paypal may be demands to complete all of the above steps or less.You have provide this information in order to get your Paypal account back to normal,However , In this case,you are using Paypal from a non-listed country like Pakistan,Bangladesh and Iraq etc.Then usually people can’t provide that information and also can not complete those steps,So all they want to get their money back which was now hung in the Paypal account.

what kind of problems you can face when your account got limited:

  • You can not Shop online
  • You can not close your account
  • You can not remove a bank account
  • You can not change your adress
  • You can not change a Mobile number
  • You can not Withdraw your funds
  • You can not remove card
  • You can not send money

what you can do when your account become limited:

  • You can just add a Bank account
  • You can open your account
  • You can add a new Credit/debit card
  • You can receive funds from peoples

How to withdraw Paypal Money from a limited account?

Now your Paypal account is going limited and you can not complete the steps asked by Paypal , As you know you are going with a limited account and you are still wanted to withdraw the remaining money then there is the only thing that you need to do is to close your Paypal account,In a normal Paypal account you can close you account anytime,but when you are going with a limited account you can not close it.So what you have to do for getting back you Paypal funds , Just give wrong information to Paypal, for example Paypal will ask you to provide a Photo ID, you will just upload a Photo ID of some other person or any Photo which is no real.Now the very next day Paypal will send you an email regarding this issue and saying this that due to some security reasons Paypal has been closed your account.They will also send some other information related to your account.

Some solutions to withdraw the funds:

Now in the indication email by Paypal for closing your account,Paypal will tell you that you can easily send your Paypal remaining funds into your bank account but not now after 180 days.If you can wait 180 days or i means that 6 six months then no problem it’s ok.Then after six months you will get your money as i got when my Paypal account was closed.Now what you need to do is; after 180 days/6 months, Paypal will send you a mail and says that you can easily send your funds now, you need to either send your funds to your bank account which is already existing in your Paypal account or you can add a new bank account to your account and send the hung funds to that bank account.It’s very simple and fast thing,you can add Payoneer US Bank account which is legal in most of the cases.

However,If you do not wanted to wait 6 months then simply go and refund all of your funds to those peoples who sent you.You can’t use directly the option of “Refund” when you are in limited situation or closed situation,but you can now simply contact Paypal through email and tell them to “Refund” your remaining funds to all of your friends, so Paypal will send back your money to your friends who sent it.This is the way with which you can simply get back your Paypal funds.That’s all and Thanks to all of our readers.
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