If you have a site but you don not have huge traffic and you want more money for making more money then SEO ( Search engine optimization ) is very important for your site to get more traffic and more money.You can get traffic from Social Media like Facebook,Twitter,Google+ and etc.If you have Huge Number of Audience on social media accounts otherwise you have to spend money for getting traffic.You have to Advertise your site or product on different social media platforms if you want to get traffic or sales.But we have another way to get traffic and sales and that way is SEO ( Search engine optimization ).SEO (search engine optimization) is totally free and very easy to implement on your site with which you can get huge traffic and sales and Automatically it will increase your earning.So You all are might thinking that what is SEO ( search engine optimization ).


What is SEO ( search engine optimization )?

Basically “SEO is the short form of search engine optimization.It is very effective processes for getting high quality and unique traffic by showing your site in different Search terms on the first page of search engines”.But In all the top Search engines show the Article,videos and images on ranked bases which Search engine find more relative to the users.

Types of SEO ( search engine optimization )?

There are two types of SEO ( search engine optimization ) which is listed below:

1. White Hat SEO ( search engine optimization )

2.Black Hat SEO ( search engine optimization )

3.Gray Hat SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

What is White hat SEO ( search engine optimization )?

Basically The White hat SEO is to utilize techniques and methods for improving the search engine results and rank of a website which don’t run afoul of search engine (Especially Google) guidelines.

What is black hat SEO ( Search engine optimization )?

The Black Hat SEO explore the weaknesses in the search engines algorithms to get high rankings for our website. Most of the methods and techniques are in direct conflict with search engines guideline.

What is Gray Hat SEO ( Search Engine optimization )?

Actually Gray Hat SEO is the fastest way to rank any site in search engine.In Gray Hat SEO we use White Hat SEO methods and as well as Black Hat SEO method at the same to get the high ranking in search Engine.This is called Gray Hat SEO.

But now I want to tell you that I am a white hat SEO guy I do not use Black hat or Gray Hat SEO techniques to rank my site up in Google.So today I am going to start an online SEO training course and that Seo training course completely based on white hat SEO.I can only do the white Hat SEO and I am expert in that But I don’t know Black Hat SEO or Gray Hat SEO.Now you can clearly judge the importance of SEO.

Full SEO Training course in Hindi and URDU

I Think SEO is the most warm topic among the web developers because they have to build a site and get traffic on it.But if you don’t have any traffic then-No doubt you are in loss.I learn SEO every day according to the requirements of the Google and other search engines and I will also Update my this course as it require some more modification.When I share some video on Facebook you all guys appreciated my efforts and today i am going to start the whole course.This SEO training course is exactly according to the requirements of upcoming year 2015.But this a premium course I will share 40% videos of this course.But I you want to get whole SEO training course then you have to Buy this course.If you want to Buy the whole course then contact me.


What you learn from this SEO training course?

Here I want to share some features I mean sharing some important points that we are talking in this SEO training course of 2015.What you get extra if you buy this course.You will get free Helpline via email for lifetime.i will help you in every kind of problem-related to this course.

  • What is SEO
  • Important SEO tools
  • Website niche+domain+hosting
  • Keyword research
  • Complete On-page SEO
  • Complete Off-page SEO
  • Link Building
  • Web master tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Google panda+ penguin Updates
  • Website Analysis
  • Much More other than this

Remember that i used these techniques for myself for optimizing my other Blogs and websites.This is the Complete SEO training course that gives you an idea to optimize your website or blog.These techniques not only work for me but it also works for my clients and companies.I will Update this course when i get new update from search engines.Now watch these videos very carefully and with full attention.Here is playlist:

SEO Training course – Video#1

SEO Training course – Video#2

SEO Training course – Video#3

SEO Training Course – Video#4


SEO Training Course – Video#5


SEO training Course – Video#6


SEO training Course -Video#7


SEO Training course – Video#8

SEO training course – Video#9

 SEO Training Course – Video#10

Full SEO Training Course -Video #11