When you are going to build backlinks for your site, that should look natural. First of all, A question comes out from mind “How I need to create natural backlinks for my site”? Furthermore, We think about the SEO of the site. So now this is the post, and I will tell you what link velocity is and how you can keep it more natural and gain higher ranking in Search Engines.

What is Link Velocity?

SO Link velocity is the term that we use to measure the backlinks of a particular web page. In  More simple words link velocity is used to describe the rate at which you are building links for your Website. You must need to take care about your link velocity if you want to gain quick higher rankings in Search engines.

Link velocity plays a significant role in improving your SERP ranking. You should keep link velocity of your page/site natural. So it will help you to grow your site and get top rankings in Google. This is not necessary that you should make high link velocity to get high rankings in Search engines.

Note: Always Try to build High quality and unique backlinks that will skyrocket your SEO ranking 🙂

Good Link Velocity:

what is link velocity

As you can see in above picture, there are some backlinks growing month by month with a sequence. This is perfect backlink growth graph. You need to build backlinks as your content in your blog is growing.If you are making a random number of posts on your blog, I mean the First month 20 posts 2nd month 30 posts and 3rd month 40 posts. It means you are growing your content with a plan and going with a good sequence.

So now you also need to build some backlinks with a proper sequence. Make a plan for that and build quality backlinks ad I showed in the above graph which is showing a great link velocity.

Poorly Managed link velocity:


And now in this graph, you can see the poorly managed link velocity or you can say that a poor start for growing link profile of your site. You are not going with a plan, and obviously no one can see a sequence in building Natural backlinks for your site.

As you can see, there was almost 1500 backlinks created the first month that is a little bit more than a natural link building profile.Then 2nd month there was 600 backlinks created which is showing the sequence in link building strategy. And you will find ups and downs in this backlink profile when you see on the above graph and of course, this is no a good link building profile.

Now Thinking How you can check link velocity of your site to get better results from Search Engines? There are many ways to check the link velocity of your site. But I am going to mention here just only one method. This is one of the best method, and I am also using this approach to analyze my competitors.

Chek the Link Velocity of your and Competitor’s Site:

We use an online tool to check the backlinks of any site. Ahref has one of the strong databases to fetch all the backlinks of any site, and it will show it to you when you go to Ahref and type the domain name in search bar.


You can see a proper site backlink analysis where you can check each and every thing about any site.SO I will recommend you to use Ahref as your Backlink analyzer. I am 100% sure it will work for you, and you will see a healthy growth of your site in search engines.

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