From the day one when  Facebook started its services, It became a perfect social media for all of us.And now we are living in these days when everyone knows about this social media site.It is a perfect social media platform for every one to get in touch with their family members and also with the friends around the globe.Now Facebook has become a part of our daily life and every one use Facebook in His/Her daily life.Today Facebook is the strongest social media network.

You can take the use of Facebook in two Purposes; The first is for personal use and almost every one use this social media site for personal use.And another use is to promoter your brand,services and products around the globe.This is named as Facebook marketing.



Today in this modern era we can not neglect the Facebook marketing as It can bring us lot of  Visitors to us on  our site or blog.But the question is that can you use Facebook efficiently for marketing your website.If No then we have many useful tips for the Facebook marketing and you can get benefit from it.

#1.Create your page for your Website or any Product:

First of all the most important thing is to Create the for your website , blog or any brand/Product.Because you can not Handle the peoples on your personal account and another thing is that Facebook just allow 5000 friends only on a single account.So a page can handle Unlimited user of your website.And the a Fan page is necessary  for Facebook marketing.

#2.Page should be updated regularly:

There are So many companies you can say that there are millions and trillions companies who created their fan page and they update them regularly.Now if you are thinking that there is no need to update your Facebook fan page then you are totally wrong.They need some updates on regular basis, Because if you are updating your fan page , then you have very good chances to increase the and the ranking as well.On the other hand if you do not update you Facebook fan page regularly , You will fail to get good traffic on you site.

#3.Use bigger and clearer images:

This i think the most recommendable and also the most important thing in the Facebook marketing strategist when you are going to upload your Photos / articles /product images for the Facebook marketing purpose.But their size should be maximum and all the images should look clear. Believe me if you post clear and large images you have greater chances to get maximum shares likes and comments.Every one knows the importance of large and clearer images to get more and more traffic on website.

#4.Add Facebook sharing Button on website:

This act is very important for you and your website if you really want to get high traffic from the Facebook.You can make a share Button under or above the post to share the post anywhere.In wordpress you can enjoy plug-in for making share Buttons under or above the post.The purpose is to install share Buttons on your site to get more and more and more organic traffic on your website or blog.

#5.Like Buttons help you to grow more fans on Facebook page:

You should also put the like Button under or above the post and it always should be available.Now if you update fan page of your website or blog regularly , Then you have more and more chances to get maximum likes on fan page and your traffic will automatically increase tremendously.This is very effective and efficient post to make the marketing strategy for getting maximum traffic from Facebook towards blog.


Now i am sure that you will find all my given tips very effective and will also enjoy huge traffic towards your blog or website.Another interesting is to put small quotes on your  fan page,If you choose some famous quotes then it will work better for you.This is also a way to expand your fan page on Facebook and you can get handsome traffic from it.It will ultimately increase your search engine ranking.So did you enjoyed our post?Let us to know with your comments.