Keyword analysis is the most crucial factor in search engine and marketing campaigns. It is a sort of skill that is very helpful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay per Click) experts. Using the right keywords can make or break your website. You can learn more about your customers and the phrases and terms they use in order to target them with SEO.

keyword analysis

Importance of Keyword Analysis

Analyzing keywords should be of main importance to you as it affects your entire search engine campaign. Keyword analysis allows you to:

  • Know about the keyword search frequency, which can help you in various aspects of your business.
  • Find new markets. You can discover more markets and specific keyword queries.
  • Save your time by letting you know which terms and phrases have the biggest impact on your campaign.
  • Focus on keywords which give ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Increase conversion rate.

Most SEO and marketing experts don’t pay attention to keyword analysis as it is time-consuming. However, what they don’t know is that there are simple tools which can save a lot of time. Using these tools will make your analysis easier and smoother than ever.

Keyword Analysis Tool

In order to make your keyword analysis more simplified and automated, it is necessary that you use a keyword analysis tool. This tool will improve your productivity and search marketing strategy. It is important that you use an analysis tool that is powerful, accurate, dynamic and collaborative. An excellent and efficient tool will let you analyze millions of keywords. By analyzing the keywords, you’ll be able to focus on the words that are most important for you. You can use the keyword analyzer to achieve high rankings on search engines. Following are the primary functions of a keyword analyzer:

  • It extracts the titles, keywords, HTML headers and shows you the results.
  • It evaluates the keyword rank for your query.
  • It calculates the relevance percentage.
  • It analyzes the content of a page.
  • It checks the text optimization for different keyword combinations.
  • It tells you the keyword density.
  • The tool also shows the number of occurrences of the keyword.

keyword analysis

How to Use the Keyword Analyzer?

The first step in using a keyword analyzer is to build a database of keywords. It is recommended that you establish a stream of keywords that bring visitors to your site on a daily basis. Keyword grouping allows you to analyze your keywords at multiple levels. The tool gives you a large result of keyword body that is relevant and highly accurate. The keyword analyzer also shows the number of total words on the page, number of linked and non-linked words, and the number of stop words used in the non-linked texts.


What Are the Chances of Success?

In order to successfully analyze keywords, it is important to understand the demand of the terms or phrases in order to gauge their chances of success. So the main point to remember is ‘don’t just analyze the keywords, but act upon them too.