Google Chrome is always on our top patronize list from the beginning of computing. You always prefer Chrome over other browsing alternatives like Firefox, Opera. It is because Chrome has the tendency to use less RAM and runs more smoothly. Google Chrome also comes up with large number of games and other applications that are useful.Google Chrome is always considered as the best browser. It is, now, the most used browser for both Windows and Android phones. The simplicity and its smoother performance made Chrome for Android a better choice of browser. Those devices with high-end specifications run the Chrome more fluidly and without any lag.



Android devices with not so top-notch specifications, will notice lag while the time of browsing. The reason for lagging on some Android devices is because of specific RAM and its usage that depends upon your smartphone. If you have this type of problem then difficulties arises in scrolling up or down, flying between other Chrome tabs.

The solution to this is only to pump up the RAM in all the way up. And this is done without any issues occur in High-end and even Low-end specified Android devices. You only need to upgrade the amount of RAM Google Chrome on your devices without wasting anymore time.

How this will work then? Question arises here. And the only solution you will get are in the following few steps. Steps will definitely help you in making your Chrome work a bit more smooth and fluid. There are some simple tweaks by which it is possible.

Speed Up Chrome For Android
By these steps you will get a new upgrade form of Chrome which will work in a great way. Follow these easy steps.

1:  Start Google Chrome on your Android device.

2: Tap on the search bar and type the following codes in it:


3: Once you put this address in the address bar, now tap the “enter” button.

4: This web page may take few minutes to load as there are several other tweaks that are going on in the background. Once it is fully loaded you will able to look at serious stuff.

5: “Maximum tiles for interest area” this is the option you need to find. Scroll down until you find it. As you have searched for it in the search bar, this will be highlighted and you can easily find it.

6: When you find it, it will show you and let you change the amount of RAM of Google Chrome. As you were already using it, it will set as “DEFAULT”. There is a menu box and from that you have to choose a different option which will make the speed of your Chrome fast.
Namely,64. 128, 256, and 512 MB,

7: If you think your device will handle 512 MB for your Chrome, choose it otherwise not. But the preferable option is of 256 MB.

8: Once you have selected the option you need to relaunch your Chrome. If you don’t do it, Chrome will do it by itself as it has one-tap option available there.

9: Now you can enjoy unlimited browsing without the lag in scrolling up or down. And there occur no lag in flying over the tabs of Chrome.

These few steps help you in speed up your Android with setting tweak. Hope these are helpful.