If you are in the field of internet business marketing, you are well aware of the word SEO (Search Engine Optimization).Search Engine Optimization is necessary for any kind of internet business website. As it helps a lot in ranking your website on top of famous search engines like Google, yahoo, bing etc. Once your website is ranked traffic will automatically diverts towards your website and your business will become a great source of making money. Search Engines use keywords and back-links to find out the ranks of your website for search results. Selecting and ranking keywords and creating back-links is a part of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Article Writing

Articles are very important part of SEO. So you need to know how you should write articles that are SEO friendly. Everyone has the ability to write articles but to write SEO optimized articles some strategies should be applied .For writings SEO Optimized articles you should be well aware of the density and placement of your keywords.

Articles you should must read:

Keyword Density For SEO optimized Article:

How much often your keyword comes in your SEO optimized article is the density of the keyword. Like if I am writing an article of almost 800 words and the keyword I am using in article is “SEO”, I must use my keyword for about 3% to 5% in the whole SEO optimized article. Means in my example I have to use my keyword SEO 20 to 25 times in the article. If I use keyword less than 3 to 5% in article search engines may ignore article to rank. And if I use more amount of keyword then search engines will considered it as spam.

Keyword Placement:

Keyword placement is also an important step in SEO optimized article writing. Placing 2 to 4% keyword in your article doesn’t mean that you place the keyword where ever you like, even where it doesn’t make any sense or to place keyword at one part or paragraph of your SEO optimized article. Place them in different paragraphs and in relevant sentences. Make sure that placing articles does not disturb the structure of the article. And it’s also according to grammar. Your article should provide the information to the reader that he\she has come to read on your article.

Original Content:

For SEO optimized article write use your own content or words to write the articles. Don’t try to copy it from any online sources. Also don’t use any kind of articles spinner that spin the articles. Article spinners not only change the whole meaning of the article. But also make it difficult for the search engines. Search Engines can easily detect spin articles and may penalties your website. So writing your own unique meaningful and informative is necessary to rank your website.

SEO Content Writing

Meta Description:

How your website is displayed in search engines is in Meta description. It is also very important in Search Engine Optimization. In Meta description describe short meaningful summary of your whole article of about 150 characters. Don’t forget to add your keyword in description.