An old school way to make money online that still actually works is to sell your stuff on eBay. If you have got any unused items like clothes, books, antiques or anything that’s still in good condition, why not clear a bit of space in your home and sell your stuff on eBay. You just have to take a look around your house and see if there is anything you don’t need any more that you would like to sell. You will be surprised that how much stuff you can get rid of.  When you will sell your stuff on eBay, depending on what it is some of your items might only sell for a few dollars, other might sell for a few hundred dollars. It all depends on what you are selling and what kind of demand there is for those items.


To sell you stuff on eBay, what you can do is go to eBay and checkout the popular items to see what is selling really well. See if you’ve got any of those popular items lying around your house to sell your stuff on eBay. You can also go around your neighborhood to checkout garage sales or flea markets to see if any of these popular items are being sold there. Then just buy them at the sale from the market and go ahead and sell them again on eBay.

Another idea to buy and sell your stuff on eBay is to check the classified section of your local newspaper. See what people are selling there and try to identify if any of those items are popular on eBay.

To get started on eBay you basically just need to register a free account on the site as a seller. Then go over to PayPal and setup an account there as well. That’s where you will be going to receive your payments when someone buys your items on eBay.


Then you need to just list the items you want to sell. The most important part of the listing is the headline. To sell your stuff on eBay make sure it clearly states that what it is that you are selling and make it engaging enough so that the people will want to check out the details of your items.

With the items you are selling, you should have to take some good and clear photos of them. Then also put them on the listing page to sell your stuff on eBay. Take photos from a few different angles and make sure that they are well list as well.

Finally you need to describe exactly what is for sale on the listing. Be clear about what it is. What people are getting. And to sell your stuff on eBay be honest with anything that might be wrong in any item. For example if it is an antique that has a few scratches on it. Just say that it has a few scratches. Don’t make it a big deal and also don’t ignore it either. If you ignore to list the fault in the list, the customer will be unhappy after buying the defected item from you that you have not mentioned. They can ask for refund. So be clear and honest in your description.

The more items you list on eBay the more chances the more chances you have to sell your stuff on eBay. So always keep look for items that might be popular on eBay.