We Belive in giving away to support the next generation digital marketing professionals.We always feel that it’s our duty to deliver back and serve the community.So we are announcing the scholarships to help the community and also the time to fulfill all the promises.

Every year we announce significant scholarships locally (offline). From now onward we will also publish a different kind of scholarships for the online community. Those scholarships help them to grow in future and off course, they will be facilitating us very soon.So scholarships are now open for students as promised.


Write an Article to win $1000 Scholarship:

And the topic is listed below on which you need to write an article.

  • How Digital Marketing influence online community

Eligibility :

  1. This Scholarship is only for College and University Students.
  2. The article you are going to write must be unique and easy to understand.
  3. Article Must be More Than 500 Words But no limits in ending the article you can even write 5000 words article.

Winner (He/She) will be awarded $1000 for being selected.Winer will be selected on the quality of your article the more your article is engaging the more chance to win.

How to Participate?

  1. Article Should be Above 500 words and have no limits in ending the article .You can even write 5000 words.
  2. Post the article on your blog and link back to our site and if you don’t have any blog then email us your article on [email protected]
  3. Before 1st Jan 2017 , Submit the URL where you posted the article/Article with your email and Full name Using Below form.