Google Maps are very much helpful in instructing the drivers. They gave a lot of information to them. Google Maps can tell you how to reach the place where you are going. They can tell you about the traffic issues, on which route traffic is and not. It also tells you about the construction and accidents that occur on the roads.Google has added a new feature to its Map app. And that feature or ability is to save map offline. By this you can use offline map only by saving it for later purposes. You can use it even when you do not have any internet access or data connection.

Now it is very easy to save maps for later use. By saving maps you can also use it offline. Do you want to know how actually this can happen?? If yes, then follow these easy and simple steps.

Save A New Offline Map
First thing you have to do is tap on the search bar on the top. Select the bottom option which is “Save a new offline map”.

Selection of Area
Next step you have to make is to select the area which you want to save for offline use. You can pan through the Google map to search the area for downloading purpose. You can save more than one place.

save offline google map

Tap “Save”
This is self-explanatory just like the second step. When your maps are all lined up, tap the save button. Google Maps saves everything that is on the screen.

offline google map

Name The MAP
When you are done with everything, next thing you have to do is to name your map. You can keep that map maximum for 30 days. Google maps will delete your saved maps after 30 days. And you have to save it again, if you need those maps.

name google map offline

Saving maps for offline use is not that much difficult. Right?
You can easily do it. It is easy in a sense that you can save it and use it for a month without even data connection or internet access. One thing more, if you only use save maps for one time, you even don’t need to delete it. After a month it will done by itself.
saving google map
Saving maps help you to navigate when you do not have any internet connection. In fact it is a great way to do so. What will happen if you are on a trip and you do not know how to move around without any direction and you even are not access to any connection?

Google Maps, before going on a trip, can help you to save area and directions from which you can get help and see more places around. You can save the whole place of your visit before going there. Just like this there are many other examples and places where you can use Google Maps and get benefit from it.

There is a downfall of Google maps and that is of not getting the turn-by-turn navigation. But you are still provided with your basic map functionality.