Fiverr is a Freelancing site with which you can make lots of money in just few days of hard work.I think Fiverr is one of the best freelancing site , Where you can get huge money by completing small and simple tasks according to your skill.But if you get negative feedback from your customers then you will be in trouble.You will see lots of Fiverr sellers who have managed to complete Hundreds of orders without getting any single Negative Review from their customers.What is the reason?Why they are not earned a single Negative Review from their buyers?The reason is that they are facilitating their buyer with top quality services.But i don’t think that this is the only thing to avoid the Negative feedback.Do you think so!

But if you talk about Human behavior,If someone like your gigs then it is not confirm that the other one will also like your gig.But if you got Negative Review  on any of your gig, So then you do not need to worry about that.Because In this post i am going to show some methods to remove Negative reviews and it will make all of your gigs clean and tidy.


1.Always get in touch with your Gig buyer using inbox of your fiverr account if He/She reconsider the ratings and reviews that He/She has given to you.

2.After complete work if your buyer or customer is not happy then create a notice and inform your buyer to do that same work again in a better way before putting a review.

3. Accept your mistake and then apologize for that and offer Extra or Bonus work to that unsatisfied buyer.

4.If anything do not work then simply go to inbox and message your buyer to refund His/Her money , if  he or she agreed to delete negative feedback or ratings.

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