With more than 302 million worldwide users, Twitter has become a lucrative market estimated at more than $436 million for the first quarter of 2015. If the business model of the service still seems unclear, many people were able to take advantage to create a more profitable business. Monetize Twitter at optimizing and maximizing your ROI is what I propose through 6 certainly not original methods, but in any case proven.

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  1. Get paid to twitter

If your audience is important and qualified – which is not always the case because of automatic addition of followers Services – maybe you will be lucky to find paying brands to see you speak well of their products in 140 characters, all in the most spontaneous manner.

Obviously, for this to work, you need a skilled super hearing, and most importantly, an editorial niche which you stand: pets, crochet and cross stitch, cars. Just Avoid high tech, the niche is already overloaded.

  1. Create a client for iPhone Twitter

The iPhone is probably the ecosystem in which users are most likely to pay for their applications. Twitter is, of all the existing services on the web, the more likely to be used in high mobility. The implicit payment model joined with a very well done user experience makes the act of buying very simple with iPhone application.

There are already many Twitter clients for iPhone, including a pay number. To get you started on the adventure you must offer a better product than others.


  1. Resell your account (and your followers)

If you create an account with high added value niche, bringing together passionate info and news and publish regularly the quality of information in 140 characters. If you are good, you may end up interested in a brand or specialty media.


  1. Tweet for those who do not know

Get the PR of a company that has no time or culture to move to Twitter, but wants to use this new way of communicating with customers, prospects, or simply its ecosystem.

You must know perfectly the target to which you are addressing, but also the brand of which you are going to be the spokesperson. Authenticity is your best communication plan, and Twitter account that more than anywhere else.

   5. Monetize your Twitter account with a website or blog

Over 65% of Twitter users still go through the twitter web interface. Make your Twitter account the new focal point of your digital identity, and point all the services you are offering from twitter to your freelancing websites. With this methods of making money from twitter you can enjoy the boundless creativity that leaves your background in order to display relevant information to caregivers form. Create and drain traffic from your Twitter account, not only to the reception, but also to the identified tweets.

twitter cpc

Obviously, all these methods to make money from twitter will not happen without an essential element of the hard work, a lot of the same work. First to understand Twitter and its ecosystem, then to find the idea to attack the market and finally to conquer it. As my revered parent, we have something for nothing.