When we start a blog and think to make money from blog and when we come to make money from a blog.We have many option to start making money from any blog.All of your earning only depends upon your niche,Keywords,quality and quantity of traffic obviously on the amount of clicks.In present days everyone knows about Google Adsense and No doubt Google Adsense is the one of the best Ads Network around the globe.But Google Adsense is also famous due to their Strict policies.So Many bloggers lose their hope for making money from blog or leave the blogging when they get their Google Adsense account disable again and again or not to be approved for Google Adsense.I also have some Best Google Adsense Alternatives for making good money.


Today i am going to talk about Media.net.Making money with Media.net is so simple and easy and it is a contextual ads network powered by Yahoo & Bing and having great reviews from all over the world.But if you have not heard the name of Media.net or Yahoo&Bing Ads Network then you was missing huge money.This is a great platform to make money more than Google Adsense and they really pay more than Adsense.Because they pay for impressions.Lots of publishers making money with Media.net all over the world or In simple words Media.net is a Trusted Ads network.Frist of all take a look what Media.net offer to their publishers.

Difference Between Google Adsense and Media.net

Media.net is running under the banner of Yahoo and Bing both companies while Adsense is working under Google.But this is not a very big difference between both Ads networks.The main difference is here now.Medi.net pay on CPM basis I mean (Cost per mile) Basis and for more clarification it pays  through impressions.If you have daily 1000 impressions on your site then you can make 3$ to 5$ daily.However , Google Adsense is PPC Ads network and they pay on every click occur from visitors of your site in legal way.


Features offering Media.net to publishers:

Medi.net provide ads relevant to your content for more clarification if have article on your blog related to Graphic designing then you will see Ads related to the Graphic designs or Graphic designing.Just like that if you have article related to Mobile phones then you will see Ads related to the Mobile Phones and believe me it works for you very perfectly.Just see the below pic of Media.net Features.


Mobile Ads: All the Ads that Media.net is providing are responsive.Those Ads detect Browser and mobile and adjust automatically on their space very beautifully.This feature can bring you lot of money because in last Google algorithm update Google said they will kick out those sites that no responsive layout.Because day by day mobile searches are increasing.

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Ads For Every kind of device: Media.net provide you the best and highly contextual relevant Ads.Media.net Ads have ability to adjust in every kind of device rather it is Mobile,Tablet or Desktop PC.


Display Ads for Every Size:Media.net gives you the opportunity to show any type of Ads and you can also choose any size for your Ads.The most important and Amazing thing is that every type and size of Ads are reponsive.

Media.net-ever- size-ads

Highest Paying Ads:Media.net have smart variety of Ads and very high paying Ads.Most of the Advertisers are from USA,UK and Canda and they pay well for every impression.


Easy to Manage Dashboard:If you talk about Dashboard which is very neat and clean Easy to use,Even a child can handle it.You can Add multiple site in single account of Media.net If you have an approved account of Media.net but you need to get approval for every website.


Site Management:Handle All of your websites from the same place which is very easy to manage.


Payout Methods:Media.net is paying through Paypal and wire Transfer.Minimum Payout is 100$ same as Google Adsense.

Requirements for Media.net Approval:Media.net Require 10% of blog traffic from USA for approval.All of your blog’s content must be Unique.Then you will get approval from Media.net and it must give you revenue more than Google Adsense.You must have useful content in your blog for the community.

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