In this article I present your many different ways to make money through Facebook, some can also be used for other networks.

In truth, some of the methods below can also be used to earn money through Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and even other social networks.

You will notice that the title of this article is: “Ways to make money through Facebook, “and not” On Facebook.”facebook2

Earn money with Facebook through the freelancing sites

The methods that follow are interesting mainly on freelancing sites. Of course, nothing prevents you to monetize these services otherwise, but if some of them you are interested I recommend you post ads on service sales sites.


Based on the number of votes and testimonials about the methods below, I firmly say that using below methods services can be sold very well. Buyers’ returns are numerous.

However, to make a place among the competition you will have to highlight your ad and sell quality services.

Getting paid to create the cover image of a page or a Facebook profile

Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks, it can be a real hassle to find a cover image that suits you and which has the right dimensions to display properly.

Many people have understood and therefore propose to do will work for you in exchange for a fee.


If you are interested in selling this service it may be useful to turn to the freelancing websites.

You may also offer this service on several freelancing websites but also on social networks or on your own website.

But in my opinion, do not rely too much on Facebook cover making service, as there are many sites that offer free images. However, one can see on Fiverr that the service is selling well.

Sell Facebook comments and Make money with Facebook:

Again, the same service can be obtained on some exchange sites or on social networks.


Sell likes for Facebook status

Well here it is the same as the method cited above: “Making money by selling comments on Facebook” So I’ll avoid too much talking here. But you could earn money on Facebook through this method.


Sell your own services or products on Facebook

This is a very good solution for making money through Facebook. For example, on Facebook you can find many prognostic vendors for sports Paris. They often conduct sales without secure the transaction directly through Facebook. Others sell digital products they have created, the “formations”, and eBooks.

The best is still to have an online boutique, a blog or other type of website to sell its products or services. And use Facebook as a source of traffic.

Getting into marketing Facebook pages

Sell Facebook pages, or sell occasionally can save you a lot of money. But it depends on several criteria such as:

The subject of your Facebook page:

Yes, a Facebook page is “easy” to make and “common” such as a humorous pages or gossip pages will not be worth much money. I guess what matters is the rarity – which is rare is often expensive – and the business that can be found around a Facebook page.


The popularity of a Facebook page:

The popularity of the Facebook page depends on its likes, the more fans involved in the page, it would worth more expensive.