There is no need to discus that What is Google Adsense?.Because most of the guys from you know about this ads network, Infact Everyone knows about this program in current days.And all of you have very good understanding about this all network.But there are so many things we need to discus always among the Webmasters and especially  there are many of key points i mean tricks which we all should know about the Google Adsense.Today we are going to talk about Google Adsense.Today in our community Google Adsense is running very effectively.And Google is always going to improve it day by day for publishers and also for the Advertisers as well than you must should have to follow all the rules of Adsense program which Google mentioned or written in their blog.Google is updating their privacy policies page or blog day by day as they need it. Adsense has given thousands of websites or blog oeners a way to make a livelihood from it.But when anyone see that Google disabled His/her account due to the voilation of our program policies.And you read this Email : “Your account has been disabled due to the violation of our program policies”.


I can not agree that Google can entirely disable any account without having any any solid reason.There are many factors when a Google’s Engineer come on our site or blog and take a look on those fact and find some thing wrong and then Google decide to disable any account.However, In any condition we have to follow the Google Adsense Terms and conditions.Everyone should have to read Adsense privacy policies very carefully and after reading must make some necessary changes in your site or blog when you are going to ad Google Adsense ads on your site or blog, If you Understand that your site is not following Adsense policies and conditions.Then do not place any ad or you should remove Google Adsense ads from your site or blog. And just work on violated areas of your site or blog.

Must Read Adsense Program Policies:

This is not really very tough job to read the program polices of Google Adsense. Just open the Adsense blog and read the program policies listed by the Google Adsense. And make sure that your site is exactly following the Adsense rules.We suggest you that must read the Google Adsense policies once a month by clicking this Below link:

Read Adsense program policies

And one more thing each and every thing that is mentioned by Google Adsense is very important to follow on that page.But for latest updates you can subscribe to Google Adsense blog on your email adress.You should must visit Google Adsnse blog once a day.You will must find there very useful tips and very useful information.

Visit google Adsense Blog

These information is very helpful if you are a Google Adsense publisher or at-least wanted to become.How ever , I am also going to share with you very useful information or principal tips to keep you Google Adsense account in very good condition.

Invalid clicking and impressions:

Now this is very first key point but very easy and important key point. Somehow, Most of you very well aware of this term.But i want to tell you that don’t visit your blog again and again, If you are receiving very low impressions or traffic.Because when you give your own impressions by visiting your own site or blog by yourself.This is not a good thing at all for your Google Adsense account.And one more thing thing that If you click your own ads for making fast money then Google Adsense will kick you out from their program.

Content Guideline:

Today we do not care about the content.But it should must be Unique in order to keep your Google Adsense account in good position.But you should write your content by yourself.When you read Adsense policies very carefully you will find very useful information to keep your Adsense account in good standing.Those sites are not allowed to show Google Adsense ads which have illegal content.However, you can find out the complete guidelines about the content on Google Adsense program policies page or blog.

Copyrighted Material:

This factor is very important, If you are wanted to become a Google Adsense publisher .It is also a biggest factor due to which most of the Adsense account got disable or can not approve.Most of the peoples belong from South Asia start their website by copying other people’s content and Somehow they get Google Adsense account.And when after some days Google detect their material is copyrighted and their account got disabled.So Be careful in this matter, And if you have any copied content on your site or blog, Then your Google Adsense account will must get disable soon or later.So do not try to insert ads on that page which have copyrighted material.

Privacy policies:

This is also a major problem to become our Google Adsense account disabled.Whatever, when you decided to display Google Adsense ads on your site or blog, You must have to create a privacy policy page for your site to become a Google Adsense publisher and put here all the policies of your site.That page is only for the Users of your site that they are viewing Google Adsense ads.This page should tell your visitors that how to use this site in a legal way.And must tell them that you are using a third party ads on your site or blog so Third party can use  any tool tool to collect your information.e.g. i.p address , Browser and many other things to improve your search results.

Some other But very important points you should consider:

  • Traffic source: The traffic source should be unique and real no paid or Boot traffic.
  • Ads Placement: Keep in mind that always show ads on enough content page and don’t show any ad very close to the images and any other part of links etc,And also don’t show any ad on a blank page.
  • Ad Behavior: Google Adsense ads code can’t be  changed or altered.
  • Site behavior : Your site should must be a user friendly design and also easy to navigate,And redirecting a user to other Unwanted sites is not really good for Adsense account.

There was a lots of key points in this post you have seen that Which we should always keep in mind if we are using Google Adsense and want to become a long term partner.It takes some efforts and also time but it is healthy for your site and wealthy for you.But one thing Google love their each user but If you are a loyal user.For more Adsense details must follow Adsense on Google+ page.

Final Advise for you:

The real aim of Google Adsense is to provide the best experience to their users and also they decides to provide the relevant Ads according to your site’s content.You should must keep in your mind this thing that you are creating a website for the Internet users not for only the Adsense.When you will produce the content for the users Adsense will automatically fit on your site or blog.Make your site and work on it very deeply and provide user friendly service. Work on your site At least  6 months and then display Google Adsense Ads.