In Previous Lesson we learn How to Install WordPress. Today we will learn How to add or install a WordPress theme in a WordPress website.In this article we will tell you with complete detail and instructions about installing and activating WordPress theme for your website.


we can install your WordPress theme on your site:

OnlineGuru’s support team can also install or upload any WordPress theme for you. Off-course we will install WordPress theme for free on your website.Just contact us through Facebook,Twitter or e-mail us on this address “[email protected] “.You can also comment below simply and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Get Access to install Theme functionality in your WordPress panel:

First of all one thing is very important to do when you are going to install a WordPress theme is to sign in to your website admin area.When you will be there,Go to Appearance->Themes.

Now Here,You will see all of your already installed WordPress theme or installed By Default in your WordPress application. But now you are wanted to add another WordPress theme , Simply click Add New tab.

Now there is two ways to add a new WordPress theme to your site. You can also use search Bar space which will give you results from directory of themes and the other way to upload a WordPress theme from your local hard drive . In this article we will teach you both the ways to add a WordPress theme.

Select and install a Theme from WordPress theme directory: 

This is the easy way to install WordPress theme to your site is If those themes are listed in WordPress theme directory .It gives you access to search a WordPress theme that you need straight from your site admin page .Every theme in the official WordPress theme directory have tags that describe the whole theme and its functionality to choose a perfect WordPress theme for your site.

If you know the name of theme you can easily search for that WordPress theme.But now browse through the results and select a WordPress theme to install for your site.When you decide to use a WordPress theme,Just click on Install button under it.

Your WordPress application will automatically download and install that theme for you.Now simply click on Activate link on the very next page you will be redirected at.

That’s all , Now you can go to your site’s front page to find it how it looks.

Upload a Theme you have Already downloaded:

If you have a theme that is not listed in the WordPress theme directory,You can simply Theme->Add New section.To do this just click on upload button at the top of the page.


Now click on choose file and select the archive of your WordPress theme file from your computer and click on Install now button.

In just few Moments,WordPress will upload and install the WordPress theme archive for you.All you need to do next is to Activate the theme under the message of successful installation.

For more instructions we made a video in Urdu/Hindi language please watch it,If your concept is not clear after reading the above article.

After watching this video now i am sure that your are completely able to change or upload a new theme on your WordPress website.If you need any other help related to this article then you can comment below we will reply you as soon as possible.