Creating an amazing website landing page is extremely important for any website owner. In order to attract more number of customers to popularize your product, it is important to create a useful landing page. There are various types of software available to create landing pages for your website and amongst those tools are GetResponse and Both of these two tools have grabbed attention of customers around the world and have helped customers to grow manifolds. GetResponse and Hubspot are not only used for creating amazing landing pages but it also helps in branding. Let us discuss about what is landing page and why tools are required to create landing pages.

Why Landing Page is Important?

In the age of digital media and online marketing, it is important for small and mid-size business to represent their company in best possible way. Landing page is the best way to attract more customers to your website or product. With the help of landing page, one can create maximum services for companies based on features of products. It helps the customers to provide more details about their requirement and also encourages them to leave comments, get subscribed through emails, share contact details and fill feedback forms online.

GetResponse Landing Page Builder: A Brief

GetResponse can help you create a great landing page for small and large scale companies by offering range of templates and designs for the user to choose. It is also becoming a useful tool by which one can create customized and appealing designs which are easy to modify and edit particularly for novice and expert users.


HubSpot Landing Pages Builder: A Brief

Another effective tool for creating landing page is Hubspot. The tool can be used to create effective landing pages with appealing designs which can attract more number of customers to specific product or website. One of the biggest features of Hubspot is responsive and automated designs that helps in attracting more customers to your website.

GetResponse Hubspot Landing Page Tool: The Difference

Choosing a landing page software tool is always challenging when you have options to choose. It could be confusing when you need to choose between GetResponse and Hubspot.  Are you looking at more viable option between the two? Below is the comparison between the two which will help you choose between the two tools.

Template Design

GetResponse: With over a 100+ landing page designs available to choose, GetResponse has specific editor software that helps you to utilize the drag and drop feature to effectiveness. One can create some of the world class designs using customization options provided by GetResponse. Everything can be controlled with only single click of mouse and therefore choosing the right kind of software is extremely important.

HubSpot: There are number of amazing new templates and designs available in Hubspot for you to choose. The new attractive designs can also be modified with the help of editor software and drag-drop feature. However the tool lacks customizations if the modules that are pre-built.

Which one is better: There are certain features which are lacking in Hubspot like development of custom module while the feature is present in GetResponse.

A/B Split Testing

GetResponse: In order to analyze visitor trend, it is important to keep track of visitors so that marketing plans can be defined in such ways. One should keep track of customer response by utilizing the A/B test of GetResponse that allows you to test 5 template variants simultaneously.

HubSpot: A/B testing is also present in Hubspot but only responses from two variants can be recorded at once.

Which one is better: GetResponse scores higher compared to Hubspot even in this feature as the tool helps in recording A/B testing?

Integration & Reports

GetResponse: Social media Integration is essential part of online marketing. Most of the social media sites can be easily integrated to the landing page. One can even use Google Analytics for further analyzing the trends. You can even get detailed summary about the performance of landing page.

HubSpot: Complete detailed reports can be obtained by using Hubspot. One can integrate social media websites and Google Analytics with it as well.

Which one is better: Both tools score equally good in this feature when it comes to integration and generation of reports.

Responsive Design

GetResponse:  With so many devices available, it is important to choose a design which works for all types of device option. But, you need not to worry; GetResponse offers totally responsive templates for any device.

HubSpot: HubSpot also offers responsive and automated templates so that each and every template works really well on desktop as well as mobile devices.

Which one is better: Both HubSpot and GetResponse are brilliant when it comes to responsiveness of landing page templates.


GetResponse: Using GetResponse is quite easy as compared to other tools in the market. One can get more information about how to use this tool by learning through online training manuals, videos, downloads and other associated manuals. If you feel that you have any issues in handling then it is also possible to contact technical support and get issue fixed.

HubSpot: it is also easy to use Hubspot. More useful information about tool usage is available online so that one can get more information about how use all features of this tool effectively. One can keep track of all the changes and manage them effectively using Hubspot.

Which one is better: Support for GetResponse and Hubspot is available online. However GetResponse offers more number of customer care services over call and also online in much better ways as compared to Hubspot, therefore making it much easier to use GetResponse.


GetResponse: The minimum package of GetResponse costs 15 dollar per month. One can send mails to 1000 contacts in the mailing list. Packages can be charged based on the number of contacts you wish to access.


HubSpot: The package cost for a minimal plan is around 200 dollars for Hubspot. Under this package, one can access to number of contacts.


Which one is better: GetResponse costs less compared to Hubspot?


After detailed comparison, it is clear that GetResponse is more effective and useful tool compared to Hubspot. Hubspot is basically oriented for big companies while GetResponse serves the need of small size and big size companies at the same time. Moreover, you get plenty of responsive templates with GetResponse that can surely attract bulk customers towards your product or website. One will surely be impressed by its customer support that is available 24 x 7 over call and email. GetResponse is one such tool that you can buy without testing.