A few months ago,IPL was going to start and i was wanted to start Event based Niche blogging and wanted to gain some Experience as well as some money.I love cricket and every event related to cricket.I love to watch cricket and also love to watch every event related to the cricket.So, Mentally i was completely ready to start a blog related to the cricket.Because i Know really well about every player and every Team participating in IPL and i started writing about every player and every team.Every post of my blog contain 400 to 500 words in each post.But you will not belive that i got More than 200k Pageviews per day and got some Huge money From that blog.That was a 40 days tournament and in that IPL tournament 46 Matches were being played.

You can see What kind of result i got from Event based Nice blogging:


So What is the Event Based Niche blogging?

Event Based niche blog is a blog which can give enough money at any events and you will receive traffic only on Event on which you made a blog. The Events could be like Eid day, Cricket World Cup, FootBall World Cup and  Mother day e.t.c.this is a main purpose of Event based Niche blogging to get enough money in very short interval of time. But you should need to do very good On page and off page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get success in very short time.

What are the Methods with which you can make money using your Event based Niche blog?

How to get ranked in Search Engine for An Event based Niche blogging?

When you talk about the Search Engine Optimization and getting ranked in google and the other SearchEngines like Bing,Yahoo and Yandex etc.You should must keep in mind that you have to build more and more backlinks to get better and higher ranking in Search Engines.You need to get some Dofollow blogs and post the link of your site in those blogs in comment section when your comment will get approve then you will get a backlink.And it is very important to get backlinks for getting 1 position in Top 10.But i want to share my methods with which i get bcklinks.

  • Guest Blogging
  • Commenting on blogs
  • Directory Submission
  • Yahoo Answer
  • Social BookMarking

Most of you are well known about those methods of getting Backlinks.But you need care about lots of things.When you are going to post any article for getting backlinks or going to comment anywhere for getting Backlinks.You must know about the latest updates of google.What kind of backlinks you need to get ranked very quickly.You have to keep in your mind that google is watching you every time.You do not need to spam otherwise Google will kick you out.And you will never get Traffic from Google.Always use white hat methods for Event Based Niche blogging.