When you make any kind of website or a blog,Sidebar is one of the most important thing in our blog or site.Sidebar give us good amount of money if we Put Ads in it.And lots of people are not using Ad sidebars.But Today i will tell you how to start it? But make sure one thing that you should not use Cheap kind of sidebars like Pageviews,Online visitors and etc.But you should must use social media widgets in sidebar,Email subscription sidebar,Popular posts of the blog and etc.You should Must Must Put an Ad in sidebar.


So What is sticky Ads?

You might be thinking that sticky Move on scrolling but it dose not move anywhere on scrolling the page of website.But it force the visitors to click on it and Trust Me it really works.You will get Many benefits from it.

  1. You will get good amount of clicks on Ads having Excellent CPC.
  2. You can get many followers on twitter by puting your account to follow on sidebar.
  3. It also work for your facebook fan page likes.
  4. You can also get too many Email subscribers by putting it on sidebar.

You can add Too many other tings on the sidebar of your site according to the requirements of your site.That will easily work for you.But i am going to tell you the name of plugin that will do everything for you.

Here is the Name of the Plugin: Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin


Method of Using this plugin

First of all download this plugin and upload it to Plugins page and Activate it or you can also install it from plugin Area and now Activate it.Now you have go widget page and choose any sidebar widget for your site.


Now select the check box as shown in the above screenshot.You can make Sticky widgets with your own requirements.You can also increase the amount of widgets with your own wish.


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