I already have some articles on WordPress SEO also I have SEO training course on my WordPress blog.But some of my friend want me to write Some Tips about BlogSpot SEO.So today I decided to share some blogger SEO tips.But i was not sharing BlogSpot tips for one reason Because I do not like BlogSpot too much because of limits on optimizing posts for Search Engine.If you search for BlogSpot SEO on the internet you will find thousands of guides to optimize BlogSpot posts,Some guides have also template editing also.But if you talk about WordPress then just install of a single plugin will release all of your tension for optimizing the blog posts for Search Engine.



Ok I am not want to hurt any of my friend using BlogSpot.In fact today I am going to share some great tips with you about BlogSpot SEO with which you can get easy and fast ranking in Search Engines.BlogSpot is a free platform provided by Google .Everyone give impotence to BlogSpot to start the blogging.Everyone learn basic blogging from here.


BlogSpot is the easy to use and free blog publishing platform.Almost every blogger start from here and then move from here to WordPress due to the lack of post SEO optimization options,Attractive theme,plugins etc.But you can make your posts SEO friendly with some Hard work.However it is not a bad option to start blogging.So I have some SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) tips for Blogspot users.Using those tips you can  easily boost your search ranking.I have Some really useful blogger SEO tips which will improve your search presence for sure.SO lets come to the point and I see below blogger SEO tips.

SEO Tips and tricks for Blogspot posts:

When we are going start SEO then we should must keep in mind some basic things.Basically SEO is divided into two parts.First thing is On page Seo and the Second thing is off page SEO and we can control both.On page SEO is covered by some special thing which we do on our blog or blog’s posts and it depends upon the quality of content,Keyword density ,Meta title and description of the article.To more about On-page SEO,article quality ,Keywords etc Click Here SEO complete Videos.

Title of Blogspot posts:

This is from one of the best blogger SEo tips.Title of your blog post is very important because Search Engines Show title of your blog’s post.You must provide a perfect SEO optimized title.Your title should must contain the main keyword that your are targeting.Keep the title of blog’s post under 70 words.The title showing in the search engine is the first step to determine the relevancy of the article to the queries.


Boday Structure of blog’s post:

You need to place the keywords in your post at normal pace.But you must keep in mind if your title looks un-natural or you just put the keywords in the title for the sake of search ranking then search engine can penalize you anytime.so article writing process requires too much attention.

URL optimization of the blog’s post:

URL optimization really matters in blogger SEO tips.Search Engines also look at the URL of your post and determine What your post is about.URL of your post should must reflect the title of your post and keywords,then search engines will consider it relevant to the post.


Provide all the Meta tags:

The HTML tags  which search engines use to identify the title,description and the URL of your post.You should also use the keywords in the title,description and URL of post  so search engines make sense about the category of this post.Provide a perfect title,description and URL of the post.It plays an important role in the Search Engine Optimization of the every blog.

Interlinking of all the relative posts:

Interlinking between the posts of your blog should must increase your ranking and page views of your blog as well.When you interlink your posts again and again with the relative posts of your blog and Google reboots index the same link from different places.It increases the importance of that post.


Nofollow All the External links:

Nofollow is the attribute of HTML language.Nofollow attribute is use to stop search engines to index external links of the site.In Blogger you just need to select the HTML area of the post window and add rel=”nofollow”.This attribute is just use to prevent search engines from indexing those external links that is harmful for your site and ranking as well.


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