Online Payment Processing

Traditionally to make a payment locally we pay through cash, credit card, cheque , payment transfer through bank etc. But in international business where sellers and buyers are not in front of each other, personal cheque are not usually accepted as the service charges are very high and also needs a lot of time to process. So we need payment processing system to quickly process all our payments online. Now a day everyone want to earn money at internet therefore they need some technique of payment processing in order to process your payment so that they will send money to you back at Pakistan..These money processors are just like your local banks that will give you your personal account in which you can manage your payment via your username and pass online. This account will be available for free of cost and you did not need to visit any bank or branch in order to get it. You need to provide just some required documents and you are done everything.

What is Paypal?

The first question is what is Paypal and Paypal account? Paypal is the safest, protected and reliable banking system to process all your payments online working since 1998 so that you can buy and sell anything on the internet easily. Among the many payment processing methods available, Paypal is indeed the best of all. Paypal support is available in more hen 190 countries now a days but unfortunately its not available in Pakistan. So to get a PayPal account in Pakistan we have to use other techniques.

Get verified PayPal account in Pakistan

To Get paypal in Pakistan please follow these two simple steps before starting the process:

  • 1st First Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
  • 2nd Second Don’t use a proxy.

After this Now follow these simple steps.

1- 1st Go to Payoneer-affiliates website and click at Sign-Up button.

2- Now Follow simple procedure and finish the sign-up process for the Payoneer card (This Card is free of cost and will be transfer at your home address totally free within 25 to 40 day).


3- After a day or two your payoneer account will be approved.

4- Now after your card is approved, you will get an email that asking you that if you want to apply for US Payment Service.

5- This email will need you to reply with some important verification and answer some simple and easy questions.

6- After you reply of this email, They will review your information that you provide and you must be approved for the US Payment Service within 2 to 3 day. Everyone can gets accepted for US P Service. If you did not received a reply within 3 day, Then you need to contact with Payoneer’s customer support and they will look your information.

7- After when you have approved for US Payment Service, you must receive an email from Payoneer with containing some important information about a Virtual Account, with including your Routing Number and your Account number.


8- After this, go to and create an account their. Use your real name that you already submit in Payoneer account (names should be same). Make sure that you select United States as your country and fill in it real US phone number and address in the PayPal sign-up process in order to get paypal account. You can get fake US address and phone numbers via Fake Name Generator website.

9- Now after the sign-up process, you should get a option to verify your paypal account through your bank account or your Credit Card. Their select the bank account option.

10- Now enter the bank account details that you receive from Payoneer account into the PayPal account verification form.

11- After this it will take 1 to 2 business days during this they send you two amounts into your Payoneer account…

12- Now after you received the amounts, you can go to and login into your account.

13- Their you will see two transactions from Verification Department there.


14- Now enter these two amounts into the verification form…

15- Congratulations: Now you have an verified PayPal account.

Now that you have an verified paypal account, This is highly unlikely that PayPal will limited your account… Now just follow these simple steps to make sure that it does not ever get limited..

1- Now after verify your account, did not login to your account for 3 to 4 days…

2- Now clear your cache and cookie from your browser before login to your account and after when you logged out to your account.

3- This is important that you did not accept money from unverified or objectionable sources…

4- Never use any proxy to log-in.