What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is you can say a market place where people sell their services or can buy services offered by anyone else. These services can be of any type graphics, web development, business promotion, article writing, proof reading etc. These services provided on Fiverr are called Gigs. On fiverr each gig is sold at a price of 5$. In which the one who is selling the service will get 4$ and 1$ will be taken by the fiverr website as its commission. Fiverr allows the sellers to add further gig extras or add-ons that can be provided in a gig which usually ranges from 5$ to 500$. Here question arises in mind what will you do for only 5$? Well across the web there are a lot of people who wish to do anything practically for 5$. You can easily earn up to 5$ to 50$ daily if you are serious in doing work online through Fiverr.


Setting Up A Fiverr Profile

Mentioned below are some useful tips for setting up a Fiverr profile and getting started. These tips help you a lot in getting orders even from your beginning.

  1. First step is to go to the Fiverr website and click on the sign-up button.
  2. Then choose your user name, your user name should contain service name in which you are an expert. Like if I am an expert of WordPress I will create my user name like wordpress master, wordpress expert etc.
  3. After that enter a password and your valid email address then press the sign-up or done button.
  4. Verify your fiver account email through your email address that you have given to Fiverr.
  5. Now your account is active and ready to use but its now time to customize your profile so that people that come to buy your gigs will get inspired by your profile.
  6. Choose a professional handsome photo of yours that will create a good effect on buyer. Then upload it on your profile.
  7. Add a description about yourself and your main service in which you are an expert like in my case I will write about all my expertise in wordpress. Focus on your 4 to 5 main keywords while writing the description. Description should contain almost 300 characters.
  8. Now its time to create your Fiverr gigs. But before creating your Fiverr gigs keep it in mind that don’t mess up the gigs by creating different types of gigs on one profile. Like if I have created my profile to provide wordpress services then I must have to create all my gigs related to wordpress. If you create different types of gigs on one profile the buyer will hesitate to buy any gig from you because he/she may get confused that you are describing something else in your profile and giving something else on Fiverr.
  9. Write title of your each gig. But remember that every gig must have your main service or main keyword in its title. Like in my case for my main keyword wordpress, I will write a gig title something like “I will remove any error from your wordpress website”.
  10. Upload the pictures of your gigs. Picture should be professional and unique for every gig. Do’t copy and paste someone else picture of Fiverr gigs. Create your own by using Photoshop or any other photo editing tools.
  11. Enter the tags in each of your Fiverr gig. To get ideas about your gig tags visit top rated gigs of other profiles on Fiverr similar to your gigs. And get ideas from there.
  12. Create as many gigs as you can. I recommend to create at least 20 gigs because the more the gigs you have the more there will be the chances to get orders.
  13. Never ever create any gig of which you don’t know about anything. Because if you will be unable to deliver that gig to customers their negative reviews will ruin your profile. Like in my case if I have no knowledge of creating custom wordpress theme, I simply not offer its gig.
  14. Adding introductory videos about your gigs in each of your Fiverr gig profile will also create a good effect on customer. You can easily create that videos using user-friendly video creating software like video maker fx, powtoon etc
  15. It’s good to create gigs profile all by yourself but if you are unable to design images, create gig videos etc then you can also order these services on Fiverr as a customer.
  16. Once your profile and gigs are complete its time to promote and rank-up your profile. Note down all your gigs URL’s in a notepad file and then start bookmarking these URL’s in social bookmarking sites. You can easily find social bookmarking sites by searching top social bookmarking sites on Google.
  17. Also share gig links on Google+ Communities.
  18. You can share your gig links on Facebook groups too but there is a chance that your competitors may copy your tags.
  19. Once you start getting orders you can add more services in your top gigs.
  20. If you have an android or IOS Iphone mobile, install Fiverr application in it. Then try to keep your-self available online 24/7. So that your co-ordination with the customer will be immediate. As customer will not wait too long for you to reply if he/she wants to order a gig.
  21. Always behave nicely and politely with the customers. Once a customer has positive impact about you and your services, He/she will not only give a positive review about you but will also come again and again to get services from you.

I have shared these premium tips with you that no one will give you free of cost. Try these tips whether you are a beginner to Fiverr or already using Fiverr but not getting any orders. Remember if you fail don’t lose hope at any stage as failure is the beginning or key to success. Work hard you will definitely get success. Soon i will share with you some easy gig ideas. In case of any problem feel free to contact me.