This is possible to earn money from YouTube?

Earn money from YouTube is an easy trend. Few month ago it was difficult due some reasons. Many people didn’t know we can make money and what to do on YouTube other than watch song videos and movie trailers. Your internet speed has to be pretty strong to upload long and high quality videos. This is a source of joy for people. Nobody really knew that earning potential until YouTube had it’s breakthrough as the number one video sharing website on the internet.

Most people didn’t know how to earn money on youtube. And there are many peoples who does it successfull. The first question is how to work on youtube so just follow the simple steps.

How YouTube earning is work???

It is fact that YouTube itself is not responsible for paying money from the videos. In fact, Google Adsense is the biggest affiliating company that will pay people for the ‘views’ you got on your videos… So If you want to earn money on Youtube you will need a Google Adsense account. But do not worry, it’s very easy.



Google Adsense will display ads on your videos. When these videos got any views, ads automatically viewed, even you get any click or not. These are called impressions on videos. So you will earn from videos for the impressions that your ads will get.

See an example of YouTube ads:

So We can view that your videos get, or amount of traffic on videos is the most important thing to earn money on YouTube. And when you get million hits per video, Then you will be making a handsome living from your videos. But that is not quite easy to get traffic on videos. So would work hard for it.


So views that your videos get, or amount of traffic on videos is the most important thing to earn money on YouTube. And when you get million hits per video, Then you will be making a handsome living from your videos. But that is not quite easy to get traffic on videos. So would work hard for it.

YouTube earning potential.

There is a large amount of earnings potential from YouTube. Some people make a handsome living out of YouTube videos.You can also make money from it this is really easy and simple thing.

As I mentioned above,Google AdSense is paying agent for the views. If you even a little familiar with Google Adsense you should know that different amount and geographies of traffic that earn different rates. Important thing is that views from different countries will earn you different rates. So the exact measuring of an earning amount cannot be predicted, but the based on the experience of many different users the rate varies between a rough $0.9 – $1.5 per 1000 views. That ranges is developed based on reviews that put on the internet from many users.

Following are the some earning proofs:



What kind of videos?

This is where it gets tricky!
If you create a video by yourself without copying someone else’s work you didn’t have no problem at all. YouTube will be offer you to monetize your videos.This is important that you will have to abide YouTube’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Based on these two condition you will earn a handsome living.
Some Important condition:

Absolutely NO pornographic or sexually explicit content.YouTube is viewed by minors and your videos will be immediately taken down and your channel will be banned.DO NOT post videos showing illegal things. Such as drug usage, animal cruelty, child abuse, substance usage etc. You get the idea, right? If not thoroughly go through the Community Guidelines.Graphic Violence will not be tolerated. Mild violence is subjectively ok, but brutal attacks, deaths, punishments etc will not be allowed. But then again this is a grey area. You will be able to see many Gruesome videos n YouTube.

No Copyright infringements!!! A copyright is an ownership of an intellectual property (which could be an art, sign, video, music, literary work etc). You CANNOT post other’s videos that you don’t have the legal right to use them for commercial gain. It’s as simple as this. You cannot earn from uploading a trailer, funny video, music video, part of a movie, audio book, etc unless you have given the right to do so by the copyright holding party. And copyright infringements are taken as seriously as any above rules-may be even more. Let’s face it, it is unethical to earn from someone else’s work. Even if you use an audio as background music, you should either have fair use rights or full ownership of the audio. If you violate copyright claims your videos will be banned along with your YouTube channel.

NO hate-speech! YouTube will not prevent you from expressing your ideas, no matter how one-sided or unpopular they might be. But they will not tolerate direct and intended criticism and blames against a particular party. Still there is a very fine line between hate-speech and expressing your views, so always try to be on the safe side. Because YouTube’s judgement will be final.

  • No harassments or threats can be made through your videos.
  • Also don’t impersonate others.

If you want to read the more guides for the youtube, go to Channel Settings in your YouTube Channel and under it visit Monetization.

How to setup your YouTube channel?

First Log in or sign up on YouTube with your gmail account and provide a channel name when requested. Make sure that your channel name is unique and interesting and something that the other people can easily remember.

Set up youtube cover pages and contact details as your wish.


That’s pretty much about it for the guide to earn money from YouTube. I personally haven’t tried out this yet mainly because I lack the infrastructure to do so.Anyway if you are a good personality, or a talented video creator this is your area of business to be successful. Even as successful as make a living off of it.If you have any questions please comment below.As always all the likes, comments, shares, ratings and subscriptions to my profile are admired.

Good luck!!!