Micro niche websites are the quickest way to earn money from the internet. These kind of websites normally have low content in them, normally five to ten articles are considered to be enough for micro niche websites. These are low cost websites as compared to ordinary websites. These websites focus on a single particular micro topic. All the effort you need in micro niche sites is to rank these websites on top of search engine pages. Once your website gets ranked you can easily start making money.


 Although the traffic on these types of sites is less but you can be able to get more money through micro niche sites. The question here arises in mind that how can we generate more money if the rate of traffic towards the site is low? The answer to this question is that instead of getting useless un-targeted traffic, specific high quality targeted traffic is diverted from search engines through special SEO techniques. So once you have targeted traffic on your micro niche website you can monetize your website through advertisement from affiliate programs, CPA, Ad-Sense etc. If you are working on affiliate programs like clickbank these sites have the capability to produce more product sales then the ordinary online stores where products are scattered around and customers normally have to click, click and click to find his/her specific product. Examples of micro niche site keywords or micro topics are how to mount a television, how to straighten hair, any product review etc. Long tail keywords as well as short tail keywords can be used for micro niche websites. But long tail keywords are easy to rank in search engines where as short keywords are quite difficult to rank. To make money from micro niche website you have to go through a process, simply creating the site on a specific topic will not be able to get any traffic. The points that should be followed for creating micro niche website are:

Topic and Keyword Selection:

For selecting topics or niche for micro niche website, you have to find which trends are going in these days on search engines. Trends are those topics that people usually search about. Like if I see that people are searching about wordpress video themes more often then I will select my niche as wordpress video themes or to be more specific I will select a specific video theme of wordpress platform. Now my niche is selected I will find out which keyword should I have to use as my primary keyword. For this I will use any of the keyword selection tools like Google ad-ward keyword planner etc. Here I will find out that which keyword has more searches and its also a low competition keyword. If I select medium or high keyword competition then it will be difficult for me to rank. But if you think you can rank medium to high competition keyword ,  you can select that. If you want to make an affiliate base micro niche website then select your keyword according to your product. Same strategy will be applied for affiliate networks as mentioned above.

Domain Name Selection:

Your main keyword or part of your main keyword should be there in your domain name. So select such domain that represents your main keyword. Keyword specific domain will helps alot in ranking your website. Also try to select shorter domain name that will be easy to memorize. In this way if a visitor likes your website and memorize your domain name, he/she may refer or suggest this website to other targeted visitors. That will not only increase your traffic but also generate more sales for your affiliate micro niche websiteWriting Content:

Your traffic is based upon your website content. Means if you have unique quality content related to your micro niche website, visitors will surely come to visit your website. Write each article of about at least 500 words for your micro niche topic. Focus on your main keyword in the article and use it about 10 to 15 times in your article, if you have a 500 words article. Placing keyword ration in articles is 3% to 5% of the whole article.

Micro Niche Website Examples:

Given below are some micro niche keyword examples through which you can get the idea to start your own micro niche website.

how to use facebook

kenmore elite dishwasher reviews

funny knock knock jokes

funny printable birthday cards

things to do on holidays

repair internet explorer

repair damaged hair

small business ideas

storage ideas for small bedrooms

home security systems reviews

student vacation packages

national geographic wallpaper