I think you shouldn’t completely depend on search engine traffic. You have a lot of alternatives to get crazy traffic. The most viral and effective platform is social media. You can get massive traffic from Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media sources. To Rank a website, you need both SEO (Search Engine Optimizatio )and SMO ( Social Media Optimization ).

In previous post I show you How to Post Website Links to Facebook Groups without Spam Warning. As I promised to provide you a list of most popular Groups of Facebook, so here it is. You can find this list at the end of this Article. Download the List of Email address’s of groups.


Search Engines  always give importance to social media, but in social media Facebook is on top of other social websites. This is known fact that these social media sites has improved traffic and rankings of websites within a month.

Keeping these things in mind,  I thought it would be very helpful for you people to have a Facebook Group List to get massive traffic. So I spend some time to arrange a categorized list of 500+ most popular Facebook Groups and their emails. The groups in this list are arranged in categories like, Funny, Internet Marketing, Blogger’s Group, Link Posting etc. So You can find easily your desired group. You can share your website link directly to some of those groups, and for some groups they don’t allow direct link sharing on the group wall. So for these kind of groups you have to follow instructions in my next article.


Use this list to enjoy the crazy traffic to your website. You will find the following categories in the PDF file, with minimum of 1000 people actively sharing their thoughts.

  • Blogger’s Group
  • Internet Marketing
  • Link Posting
  • Fun
  • Facebook
  • Marketing
  • Funny
  • Network marketing
  • Jobs
  • Business
  • Online marketing
  • Like Club
  • Make money
  • Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Website
  • Like and Share


If your blog/website niche falls under these above categories list, then download Facebook Group List and start promoting your website. This PDF file is worth $50, but I’m sharing it with guys to save your time, money and energy.  Let me know your thoughts after downloading this huge List of Facebook Groups.

Download Link :


Download this Facebook group list and let me know that have you see any change in your traffic of site.Please share your ideas with us and please tell us if you are having any problem related to this article.We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.If you like this article then please share this article with your friends and family using below buttons of Facebook,Twitter,Google+ and etc.