Now a day everyone want to make a professional logo but they don’t know how to make a professional looking logo. Now with the help of this software you can make a good and well looking logo without any help of experts. We can make different kind of logos as we wish. One of this kind is Letter based logos. These kind of logos will give your professional sense of logos on the brand that you are marketing. SANYO, KFC, Nike, Intel and IBM,are the most famous letter based logos. You can also design these types of logos with Adobe Photoshop. However, everyone is not expert in Photoshop.. Today we are showing a simple way to design the SANYO logo with easy steps and common graphics dealing operations like scale and skew. You just follow the simple steps.



First of all Download Sothink logo Maker:

click here to download

Step 1:

The first step is to start Logo Maker, and then open a blank document.

Step 2:

2nd Step is to Click at the toolbar for adding text. Their input , and set Arial Black, font at the toolbar. Set size and move cursor on to the text box to display the skew status, Then skew the horizontal value 10. The bottom status bar will show as follows:


Step 3:

3rd step is to click button at the panel, and input these color value #EF0E5A.


Step 4:

4th step is go to the “Effects” panel of color to add the effects of the text:

  • ï‚·Select the Outline effect and again click the Custom button, and after this set width, and set the color value #A11846, as shown following figure-A.
  • ï‚·Mow click the Gradient effect and select the preset style, as shown following figure-B.



Step 5:

5th step is go to the canvas and activate the text, and after this select Duplicate from the right-click menu. Now change the duplicated text to YO, and then move it to the right side, as following.


Step 6:
6th step is go to the Resources panel and select Shape-Geometry. And select a square and maintain its properties to: Width: 59; Height: 63; Skew H: -26. The bottom right status bar will be shown as.
Drag and adjusted the square to the middle of the text of SA to YO, as follows.


Step 7:
7th Steps is to choose the text SA, and select the format painter at the toolbar, and then click to copy the style to the square.


Step 8:
8th Steps is to select the canvas background color to gray.


Step 9:
9th Steps is to repeat step 6 to drag a new square at the Resources panel, and maintain its properties to: Color: white; Width: 49; Height: 104; Skew H: 11. The right status bar will display as following. Finally, move the new square of the place as following.


Now change the canvas background black to white.

Step 10:
10th Steps is to drag another square at the Resources panel, sets its color to #A11846, and maintain its size to Width: 2; Height: 99. The status bar will display as following.


Choose the adjusted line, and select Gradient at the Effects panel. Now click the Custom button to sets its properties as: color: #A11846; A: 40%; Angle: 90. As shown follows.


Step 11:
11th Steps is to need to create the grouped line effect:
1.Right click the line and select Duplicate to paste another 4 lines. Maintain position for all the 5 lines and group them together by choosing Group from the right click menu. See figure-A.

2.Now move cursor to show the skew sign, and maintain the horizontal skew value to 12. The status bar will display as following . See figure-B;

3.Duplicate the group image, and click these button and  at the toolbar to mirror the new image. Now you will get two grouped lines, as showing figure-C:

How to make a logo

Step 12:
12th Steps is to move the two grouped lines to make positions of the text. This Arrow button at the toolbar will help you to send objects to backward to the canvas.


Finally SANYO logo has been created successfully. No need to drawing anything, all the required resources are auto prepared by the Logo Maker so easily.

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