If anyone asks us about social media sites, we will probably tell him / her a few social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Because we have the misconception that social media sites are only limited to add new friends, viewing social activities of friends, liking different pages and posts, following famous people etc. But this is wrong social media websites are not just for entertainment but also are a great source of information and a source to promote and boost your businesses. One of the best social media site is Reddit.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social media forum that is a mass source of information and knowledge. On Reddit you can find topics related to any subject. You can participate in discussion about any topics by commenting on the posts either in favor or against the posts. You can also share links to your articles or any interesting stuff and also write posts to share with the whole community of Reddit.


What is Sub Reddit?

Sub Reddits are defined as the categories of Reddit like news, funny, technology, video, pics, food etc. You can create your own sub Reddit or can post on other sub reedits. But you have to check the rules of any sub Reddit before posting in which you are going to post. Because you will get banned from that sub Reddit if you will not follow its rules.

What is Reddit link Karma?

On Reddit people can like or dislike a post or link that you have shared. If likes your post your karma will be increased and if they dislike it then your karma will decrease. Karma is basically a reward you get for your excellent posts. Liking and Dis Liking posts on Reddit are called Up-Vote and Down-Vote. The more karma you have thorough Up-Votes the more the chances for your post to be on front page of Reddit.



Source of Huge Traffic:

If you are an online business owner or you have a website of your business then you don’t need to worry about the traffic of your website. Because you can get huge traffic easily from the Reddit. All you need is to post a link of your website on the Reddit. The people from Reddit community who see’s your posts will definitely visit your website. But to post a link on Reddit to get started you need at-least 200 karma.

How to increase Reddit Karma?

You can easily increase Reddit Karma more than 200 in a day by following these simple steps.

  • Search 2 or 3 cute eye catching images of Pets.


  • Save these images.
  • Go to the site karmadecay . com
  • Upload the downloaded images one by one to check whether they already exist on Reddit or not. If any similar image found on Reddit then ignore that image and search and check a new one. You may get banned on Reddit if you try to share image that’s already there.karmadecay
  • From the above image you can see that this image is already posted 5 times on Reddit. So I will pick up a new one.
  • Now after checking the uniqueness of images, go to imgur . com.
  • After signing up on this site, upload the unique selected images of pets one by one.
  • After uploading images you will get a link of each uploaded image.catpic
  • Copy and then paste that links in separate posts on Reddit.submit-reddit
  • Write some interesting title on each post according to its image.new_post_reddit
  • Select the sub-Reddit or category for the links as AWW. Aww is a sub Reddit where usually links related to cutest pictures are posted.Aww-Subreddit
  • Post these picture links on Reddit after 9 PM local or 2 PM GMT. The reason to post links at this time is that most of the people will be available online at this time.
  • Now sit back and wait for the karma to increase. If you followed the instructions well and posted interesting eye catching image then you will get more then 200 karma in just one day.reddit_onlineguru
  • From above image you can see that up-votes are increased to 592. This 592 doesn’t mean that your image is viewed only 592 times through Reddit. It means that only 592 may be out of thousands have given you the up-votes.

Boost Your Own Site Through Reddit To Get Mass Traffic:

By following the above mentioned steps you will have enough karma to post your own website links. But just posting the links is not enough to get huge traffic.