If you think creating the website of a hotel is too complicated? Then use one of the best WordPress themes to create a website for hotel. So everything becomes automatic and easy, with the ability to customize the graphics depending on your style. Choose your favorite design.

In this post you are going to discover the 10 best WordPress themes to create sites of hotels

# 1 Paradise Cove

This them is “all inclusive” that meets the needs of a hotel from A to Z. It includes even a section with customized weather. What makes it so appealing is that it is modern, luxurious and clean, which can only have a positive effect on your hotel.


# 2 HotelEngine Classy

A luxury hotel needs a luxury theme. If you want a minimalist, contemporary design, you cannot get much better theme then HotelEngine Classy. With the navigation menu disappearance, all that welcomes your customers is a huge background photograph and the name of your hotel. The theme also offers an integrated plugin for online booking.


#3 Soho Hotel

Perfect theme for a small town hotel, Soho Hotel is one of the best WordPress themes to create sites for hotels. Easy to use and fully compatible with the new version of WordPress. Included in the package are the function of the room availability and the management of deposits via PayPal.


# 4 Santorini

In our category of best WordPress theme Santorini is on 4th. To use this beautiful theme you do not need to be in Greece. Indeed Santorini can make any destination very inviting one. You can customize your website as you like, with the ability to set a photographic background to the scene, uninterrupted bars. Menu, booking plugin and logo floating all over the image selection makes this theme a great choice.


# 5 SixtyOne

Want to add a romantic touch to the website of your hotel? Seduce your future guests with the theme SixtyOne. In addition to being responsive and easy to use, this theme can create the right atmosphere.


# 6 RoyalGold

As the name suggests, this theme provides the perfect blend of contemporary and luxury. The ideal to brush up on the site of a five-star hotel. To make it a best WordPress themes for hotels, the strongest plus point is its optimization for portable devices.


# 7 Anchor Inn – Hotel and Resort

Do you like the classics? Anchor Inn is designed to be the classical hotel theme. Photographs of the rooms plays a role of evidence, guests can book online and a combination of colors to choose from infinite options can customize it even in better way.


# 8 Guesthouse – Hotel & Sport Center

A 2 in 1 package, just like in the supermarket, this is the 8th best WordPress theme. Except that in this case we are talking about hotels and more specifically of bed and breakfast and sports centers. What makes it so specialized is its simplicity and youthful design.


# 9 Welcome Inn

Direct and modern, but not too much. This theme keeps pace with the old times and keeps in account of old fashions as well. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of hotel categories. Clear and informative the home, where text and images coexist without cannibalize.

Welcome Inn theme

# 10 Milano

In fact, this theme lends itself perfectly to be a hotel in the city center. It proposes a different design, with navigation menu entirely on the left side and a huge photo slider to the right.

Milano theme

These are the best WordPress themes to create sites for hotels. Leave a comment to tell what your favorite is.