We suggests the most suitable, useful and interesting apps used by iOS. To solve the problems of choosing the most appropriate app that comes most recently in the year 2015. Whether it is apple operating system or green robot operating system the ratings are same as per of their quality and use. The iPhone users have a great advantage of using the most professional apps and those bundles of apps make them confuse which one is best for them and appropriate.

Note: In this topic we are not talking about social Apps.

This year came with lots of new apps but the dominant impression is left by few and still considered as the top apps downloaded now-a-days.

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  • Dropbox

            Dropbox provides you the easiest way of storing and saving your pictures, images, and documents so that you can access them at any time at any place with any iOS device. The special offer of 2 GB free memory just by signing up gives you more comfort to share the documents with team members. It is also known as the business case that allows you to work outside the office whenever you want to be.


  • iTranslate Voice

To speak any language is not possible but by the launch of the app all of the problems of translating are resolved. It is most impressive tool for crossing the barrier of language. With voice input, dictionary and many more combinational translators translates into 42 languages. iTranslate provides you the facility of translating spoken language into written and air translate option provides you to get communicated with others through voice. This app has huge means for those who work globally.


  • Scanner Pro


Scanning the documents or pictures on PCs is most time-consuming task that frustrates you by applying an additional machine to the PC. Now the new advanced latest scanner pro app gives you high-quality scans of anything from anywhere just by using you iOS supporting device. The great quality of scanning can be achieved through this app and which also provides the facility of cropping the scanned image. You can email, share or can print the desire scanned document with lots of ease.


  • Microsoft Word

The decision of Microsoft of making the app for iOS operating system makes the records in ratings. This app changed the world of business also by giving a lot of ease. You can create, edit, open all sorts of words files so that it gives you relive from carrying a large laptop or doing on it PC. It also give access to view the attach files from emails and also access documents from the apps like Dropbox or one drive.

Ms Word IOS

  • Pixelmator

iOS store is most famous for producing and launching the most advanced apps in the field of graphic design aficionados. This app is the best graphic desktop editor that gives numerous effects and retouching tools that enables you to work with layers and selections. This app provides you the best editing options outside of Photoshop.

Pixelmator IOS

Every year the iOS apps are updated and some new latest apps are launched. But it’s a difficult task to know which app is highly rated and why. So the above-mentioned apps are the highest rated apps that are sought by many users and enables them to work according to their wish in the required fields.