We are Mostly aware of Google Adsense which is i think the best ppc network among the all advertising networks, But somehow if you are going against the policies and then your account gets disabled, It is heart breaking news that you lost your account Adsense account for you.But If you are getting heavy and good traffic on your site or blog.Traffic should have been unique i mean no fake traffic. So, There are so many Adsense alternatives out there from where you can easily earn a good amount.Sometimes after so many efforts you could not get an Adesense account approval. Yeah ! You can also those below listed Adsense alternatives in case of not approving Adsense account.One more good thing is that you can use many of those Adsense alternatives with the Adsense.

In this online Advertisement competition, Adsense is existing as the king/lord of all the ads network which make you capable to excess everything  and your website family’s to produce unique and fresh content for your site or blog.


Here we are showing some great features of Google Adsense:

  • The best High paying CPC Network. ( click Through Rate ) (According to the ADs Implement )
  • The best and Maximum CTR. ( Cost per click ) (According to the type of content0
  • The fast and easiest Payment Methods ( Including Western Union )
  • The Extra fast payments. ( Just within 30 Days )
  • Adsense displays more relevant Ads ( According to the article )
  • So many helpful and Unique resources for publishers
  • Specific readership is not required
  • Adsense allows Unlimited traffic


So There I told some benefits of Google Adsense that google Adsense is providing to their publishers. And i think these features are enough for Google Adsense Publishers, But Google Adsense have strict polices that a publisher should have to follow otherwise Google Adsense will kick you out from their network.Publishers should follow those Adsense polices If He/Her want long term relationship with Google Adsense.

Therefore , There are many peoples around us who established their good websites and worked on their sites from last many years and they are getting their reward i mean they are getting a healthy traffic on their sites , But When Google Adsense take away their Adsense account due to specific reasons , Then many of them run here and there to find the solution of getting back their Google Adsense account.But when they can not get their account back, Many of peoples from them leave blogging and the other way they choose is that they sell their sites to someone else.This is not really a good thing you know.But we should find out some Google Adsense alternatives for our good business. And you are you reading exactly the right post.If you have very good amount of traffic on your site and unluckily your account got disabled.Then you can try out the below listed Google Adsense alternatives. Here i have created a list for you.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives:

Now i am going to show you the list of best Google Adsense alternatives and also for the next upcoming years. Tribal fusion and Buysellads need some specific things for the approval of Publisher’s account. But these Networks are very easy to use and they will accept you very quickly If you complies with their Terms and conditions.

#1.Tribal Fusion


Tribal Fusion is one of the best Google Adsense Alternative.The great News is that you can easily get a publisher account of Tribal fusion.But they require some important information which you have to provide in order to get a new publisher account of Tribal Fusion.First of all the must thing is that your site must getting 500,000 impressions per month.But you become successful in getting Tribal Fusion account then they will pay you more than Google Adsense.




Buysellads is an exclusively a direct Advertising network which you can to fill the empty spaces of your website or blog. Advertisers can easily excess your website directly and will buy your ad spaces of the site directly. This whole procedure you and your Advertisers can done through Buysellads and payment will also come to you through Buysellads. They do not pay on the basis of PPC ( pay per click ) , But they buy your ad spaces of your site for a month.If you have a professional looking website/blog design and unique and fresh content.And you must need 20,000 impressions/month on your site.Then Buysellads can pay you more than Google Adsense.

#3.Exit Junction



Exit Junction is an Amazing ads network for those who are receiving good traffic on his/her site/blog. Exit Junction should work on your site in so many different ways.When a visitor is going to leave your website it will brig a pop up ads window.There are good amount of visitors who mostly click on the pop up ads window.If some one click on that pop up window then you will be get paid by the Exit Junction.This ads network works on both large and small websites as well.So must try it once.




Chitika was found few years ago. Chitika is a ppc ads network.the payout method of chitika is also very simple Because they pay through paypal,checks and Bank wires.The good thing is that chitika do not require anything to become their publisher just go to chitika and sign up an account put your site/blog into it and copy the ads code and paste it in your website or blog.It is also a good Google Adsense alternative.




Infolinks is also a good page per view ads network which almost works great on text based sites.But don’t worry it also work for images sites. Offcourse also for the video sites and etc. Some years ago it was a text displaying ads network , But now you can insert pop up windows and banner ads in your site or blog as well. Infolinks offer Westren union as a payment option as Adsense offers.



Clicksor pay you for visitors who click on your ads of website or blog. Clicksor is giving both text and pop up ads.They pay you 0.02 cents on a click of a visitor.If you have a good amount of traffic on your site or blog then it can become a good Google Adsense Alternative.Many peoples having great sites using this ads network and earning a very good amount from clocksor.It is a good Google Adsense Alternative,So you should must give it a try.

More Great Google Adsense Alternatives:













#19.Direct Banners.

#20.Affiliate Marketing ( Hostgator,Blue host,Hidemyass etc ).

Now you must be thinking that why i put Affiliate Marketing in this category then i have an answer for that.Affiliate Marketing can give you more Money rather then Google Adsense, But it depends upon your traffic that how much you traffic have and what type of traffic you have.If you have more traffic countries like USA,Canada,Uk and Mexcio etc.Then you have Chances to get more money than Google Adsense. It also a good Google Adsense Alternative.

Some Final words for you:

When you are earning with a website it just depends on your site’s traffic that how much you can earn.If you are professional worker in creating website,unique and fresh content then you will not face any problem in making money.The real content and the real work always bring money.

Now let me Know What do you think about these Google Adsense Alternatives? Tell us if you are facing any problem we will try to solve it out and please comment below your problems.And If you have any other Google Adsense Alternatives then please comment in below section.Please also share this post with your friends and family using below sharing buttons.Rmember me in your payers I am Usman Tariq. Live With peace and take care of yourself ALLAh HAFIZ!