A lot of people go online to seek advice about their carrier, about business, about relationships and just about anything as well. They prefer seeking advice online because its more anonymous and convenient. But a lot of times they don’t know who to believe because there is so much information out there.. So there is a going trend that people are actually paying professionals and experts for their advice and catching in specific areas instead of just reading information on random sites.


If you have some knowledge about any field you have the ability to become a professional online consultant. If you think that you can’t become an online consultant just because you are working in some field of which you have some good knowledge but you are not on the higher position in that field. And also practically you are not a very successful person in that field then you have to change your thoughts. There are a lot of chances that if you might be not good piratically by yourself with your consultation someone might become successful in the relevant field. If you have the abilities to share your working experience and knowledge with the clients. You should not hesitate to start your own business as an online consultant.

If you have got specific expertise, or just have the ability to provide advice and counsel people, then this is something you should consider. Even if you got extensive experience in life of business, you can easily promote yourself as a life coach or business coach. What you need to do to get start as an online coach or consultant is to setup a website that tells people who you are and what basically you can offer to them. It’s a good idea to specialize in a specific area first. So tell people that you do life coaching o business consulting or that you are an expert in relationships. Whatever it is, choose an area of specialization that you are comfortable in to begin with.online-consultant1

One of the best things in this type of income stream is that you can do the coaching and consultation over the phone or Skype. As an online consultant you can end up have the clients from all over the world. So make sure on your site you have multiple ways for people to contact you. Put your email, your phone number, your social media pages and your Skype id. Make it as easy as possible for the people to contact you.

Once you have got your site up, it’s just a matter of marketing your services to people who need it. So find online forums in your niche to become an online consultant and start participating their by posting helpful comments. Link your signature over there that send people towards your site. Also visit blogs that are related to what you do and post helpful comments over there with a link back to your site. When you get people contacting you from your site reply to them with some good advice to get started with and also mention that you will be able to help them much more if you are on the phone or Skype and have a chat instead. That’s where you can talk directly with them to get an idea of what kind of help they need and what kind of help you can provide to them. Off course you can then negotiate to them to setup a paid consultation session in the near future. How much they pay you for each session depends largely on your experience, your expertise and how confident you are to help that specific client.