A great option to make money online is to publish books on the Amazon kindle store as a kindle publisher. Where writers publish, promote and sold their books online over the internet. Amazon provides a perfect solution to first time writers to publish their books easily. The Amazon market place for kindle is such a huge opportunity to earn money online that every one having good writing skills should try it. Over the Amazon kindle store many countless stories of success can be found from writers and authors who have published their e-books as kindle publisher online. There is a huge demand of new material on a daily basis.


What is Amazon Kindle?

Here question arises in mind that what actually is a kindle. Kindle is basically a device for reading e-books which is designed and marketed by Amazon. In simple words it’s an e-book reader to read the books on any topic from around the world. The books to read on Kindle are easily available on Amazon Kindle store. Where kindle publishers have published their books for the people to read by buying them. Normally price of per copy of each book ranges from 2$ to 4$ dollars. If you become a kindle publisher you can easily earn money by just selling e-books.kindle

How to Publish Your E-Book?

To publish an e-book as a kindle publisher is not as difficult as it looks to be. All it needs for the writers is to follow a strategy to publish their e-books.

  • The first step is to have a fully edited draft that is grammatically correct and delivers the final product that you are happy with.
  • If a book that a writer is going to publish is a fiction then there should be a good character development and the book’s story structure should be well organized. If it’s nonfiction then e-book should have proper references and data based on the actual facts.
  • When preparing your final editorial draft, have your friends read your e-book to make sure that e-books don’t contains any errors or mistakes.
  • Now that you have a properly completed e-book, you need to prepare it to be sold on the Amazon kindle store.
  • The first thing that every self kindle publisher should do in getting ready to sell the e-book on the Amazon kindle store is to properly format it for kindle.
  • You will be directly uploading your e-book to kindle direct publishing which requires very specific formatting.ebook
  • Amazon provides great resources on how to properly format your e-book. You just have to follow the steps when you are ready to upload your e-book.
  • You can also find free lancers on fiverr who can convert and format your e-book to be properly submitted on kindle direct publishing.
  • After having your e-book properly formatted you must have a cover design that is attractive, eye-catching and off course professional. This is what will visually sell the e-book and is just as important as the formatting. Amazon provides the guidelines for the e-book covers that you should follow. You can also hire a number of great designers on Fiverr who will design a professional e-book cover for you.kindle cover
  • Once you have done all the above requirements, you are now ready to publish your book on Amazon kindle store as kindle publisher and have it read on kindle worldwide.
  • This can be quite an intimidating process but it shouldn’t be. All you need is free Amazon account and follow the simple steps on kindle direct publishing.
  • So to begin the process of uploading your work as kindle publisher for publishing, choose to add a new title and fill up the required information, upload the e-book and cover art and save the required information. Then proceed to the rights and pricing page where it is suggested that you choose worldwide rights and a 70% royalty rate.
  • To decide the price research the similar books of other kindle publishers that what they are selling and then after setting the price, save and publish your project.
  • In 24 to 48 hours you will be a published writer on Amazon Kindle store. And your e-book can be purchased on any kindle in the world.
  • The last process and proper self publishing on Amazon Kindle store is the promotion of your book. Just because you write it and published it as kindle publisher does not mean that people are going to buy it. You need to promote your book on social media, blogs etc.
  • Ask every reader to leave an honest and positive review of the e-book. A positive review from readers usually provides more sales along with interest and attention from other readers.