Android Lollipop 5.0 has been released. As this news comes in the market many handsets start to get it. It brought new kinds of changes along with new design. Google put together new design with incredible new and smart features.
android lollipop features
There are several new features that are introduced in Android Lollipop 5.0. These features or stuff go well beyond the Cellphones to tablets, watches, and TV screens. New stuff or features are as under:

A Totally New Design
This new version of Android comes up with a brand new design. Design is based of Material Design principles. Google has made many changes with respect to its looks, effects, size colors and animations. Everything is so simple, smooth and it can easily understandable.
android lollipop design
New Notification System
A new approach of notification is there in Android Lollipop. In this new feature, users can access to their entire notification list from their lock screen directly. Two options are there.
1: Swipe down to read the whole notification.

2: Swipe up to unlock the device.

The notification heads up in the full screen bar.

Android Lollipop New Notification System

Do Not Disturb & Priority Modes
Google has added the ability of completely silence notification. You can switch off modes for some time so that you cannot get any notification from any one. This can be set as for several hours. This is a good way to do so when you are watching movie or attending meeting.

Priority mode is also there. In this mode only those can contact you whose contact are specified by you.
Android Lollipop Priority Modes
Quick Setting
Now there is a lot more in quick setting. Google has added a separate shade setting. But there are more, including flashlight, hotspot, screen rotation, and you can easily turn off and on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

android lollipop Quick Setting

Unlock Phone With Wearables
Google gave another great ability to Android and that is unlocking of your phone with your watch. If you are wearing smart watch and your phone is near to you, you can unlock it with your watch. For this it is necessary that your phone must be authenticating with your watch.

Encryption Enabled By Default
Google enable the encryption that is set by default. This will help you from stealing your data by anyone else. No one can steal any information or data from your device.

android lollipop encryption
Screen will On When You Pick up The Phone
Another surprising feature is that which is not present in other Android devices. When you pick the phone, your phone’s screen turns on. Or, this can be done by tapping twice on the screen.

These are some features which introduces you with New Android Lollipop. Other Androids do not have these. These are incomplete as there are many other features in Android Lollipop. All the new stuff that is included in new version of Android Lollipop appeal many users. They are in hurry to download it and add it in their Mobile Phones.

Google gave its users a merciful thing and you have to appreciate. It has improved battery and better tools that don’t let run battery down.