Google’s purpose is to systematize and organize the information about the world and make it accessible and useful, universally. When you use Google, you are making a kind of deal with it. And the deal is about sharing of your information. You use Google’s apps such as Gmail, search, YouTube, and Google’s Maps for free and in return you are sharing your personal information with Google.The purpose of sharing your data or information with Google is that it sells it to advertisers. The more Google knows about you, the more your information is given to the right advertisers. Your data will only be given to that advertiser with which you can match as an ideal customer.Google Knows Everything about us.

Google knows

Why information is send to the advertisers?

It is because they are willing to pay for more ads that can serve the ideal and potential customers. For example, children cloth makers want to target parents. Airlines want to target those people who love to travel.Yes Google Knows everything about us where we go and where we stayed each and everything.

There are different methods through which Google gets your information. By sign into its services like Gmail and Google Maps, or via Android phone and so on. It also gathers information from your searches and what you have watched. Here are 6 links that will tell you about your data that Google has about you.

1: How Google knows and Sees You

Google creates a profile about you including your age, gender and your interests. Then it serves you ads that are relevant and match to your profile. You can control and see what information Google holds about you on the following link:

Google Setting

2: Your Location History

If you are an Android user, your mobile device may be sending your location to Google. You can see your entire location history and even can export it. Here’s the link to do so:

Google location History

3: Your Google Search History

Every search is save by Google, that you ever have done. Even, they record the Google ads that you ever click. You can find all this on the following link:

Google History

4: Device That Access Your Google Account

If you are worrying that your account might be used by someone else, you can also find a list of devices that have ever access your account. Their IP addresses along with approximate location, Google will submit you this information. You can get this info from the following link:

Google Security

5: Apps & Extensions That Access Your Google Data

It offers you with the list of those apps and extensions that have access with your information. Permission that is granted for the accession of apps can be seen at the link:

Security settings 

6: Export Your Google Data

Google help you in exporting your whole data: bookmarks, contacts, emails, your YouTube videos, images, profile info etc. You can perform this step on the following link:

Google Take OUT

These are the 6 links that provide Google your information or data. Advertisers are then matched up and send your info to them. They will then works on it by making you target of the relevant ads.