How to Post Your Website Links to Facebook Groups Without Spam Warnings


Since the Google updated his algorithms Panda and Penguin, we were in search of the best alternatives to search engines. Luckily we all have Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media sites which can drive crazy traffic to your website or blog. There are many methods of Facebook which allow you to drive traffic within a couple of hours. Each day, millions of SEO’s and SMO’s, webmasters post articles in, pages, groups, timelines and friends’ walls instantly. This is why Facebook has to restrict users from spamming the website links. If you did spamming sometimes, then you might have observed Facebook sending warning notification to slow down your spamming activity. We reveal how you can post thousands of your links on Facebook without spamming.


Many people think that Facebook doesn’t drive any referral traffic to their websites. The reason behind this is either you are not posting according the niche you are in or you are targeting the wrong group. Here is the list of 500+ Facebook groups, which have more than 20 seed niches. These groups will drive massive traffic to your websites, and the best thing is you will never get a spam report. Check out how simple technique to play safe.


The above picture is taken from one of our site Analytics, which drives huge traffic from Facebook. If you see the list of Facebook groups we have given, you will see many group email addresses assigned to individual groups.

Ofcorse you have a question in your mind, Will this thing help you in getting Facebook traffic without spamming? That’s the whole point. You just need to collect as many group email addresses as possible. When you have around 70 to 80 email addresses, save them in a text file  and start following the simple steps.

Here are steps for posting to Facebook Groups

Step 1: Create an Email account on Gmail, which you don’t care if lost.

Step 2: Create a Facebook account with that Gmail account, and then start joining as many groups as possible.

Step 3: Wait for approval from all these groups.

Step 4: Go to Gmail and compose a new mail.

Step 5: Add all the saved email addresses to Recipients and write a small Subject or body.


Step 6: Now click on Send to all the groups you have added above. In this mail, I’m sending a sample mail to 80+ Facebook groups.

Your post will be posted to those groups in which you are a member. Within 5 seconds your post  will be visible in those groups without a spam notice. You can go back and check the group for confirmation. This is how it looks.

You can post hundreds of links to many groups at a time. We bet you will never get a spam notice or over doing message from Facebook. Let me know your thoughts on this article. If you are ablogger, then download this 100 popular Facebook group email addresses also.


  1. Well yes now it works for me too, may be because i used yahoo id that’s why i didn’t work for me.
    Sorry for my last comment and Thanks for this information

  2. waqas dear bht achi info di ha aik baat main na ya pochni ha
    jasa hum manually blog ka link daltain hain facebook group main to wo pic ka sath show hota ha us pic paar click karna sa wo us link paar chala jata ha as ahum email ka zariya kasa kar saktain hain
    main na try ki lakin pic nai aa raai haa
    any solution

  3. Its a nice article, I wonder how come i never tried this before. Thank you Waqas and would be trying on my website by tomorrow.

  4. I got this error 🙁 🙁 any solution of this error: google tried to sent the message but it was rejected by facebook server .