If you are searching to get a new free Payoneer Master card for receiving and sending money online all over the world at a single place.I am also using this Payoneer Master card From last two years.I created a free tutorial for all of you with my 2 year experience of using Payoneer Master card.In this single tutorial i will discuss about all the problems that you are facing during sign up and getting or earning 25$ Bonus.So now i am going to tell you what is Payoneer Master car and How it work?


Payoneer is an online Global payment processing system that allow everyone to transfer money and receive Global payments from the internet very safely.Payoneer provide you the free Master card around the world.Payoneer provide Master card at any location of the world free of cost.Payoneer Master card work outstanding in countries like Pakistan,Iraq,Afganistan and Bangladesh where Paypal is not providing services in the market.

I think one of the best advantage of the Payoneer Master card is that All the money are going to be available always in an exceedingly minute without checking any account.You are compeletly able to use it for online shopping etc and will conjointly withdraw money through ATM machines from all over the world, 24/7 with an internet access to your history of transactions, payments, and balance of your account. However the most advantage of victimization the Payoneer Master card is that the US payment method through that you’ll be able to simply withdraw your money from PayPal, Moneybookers and so many different online account also.

Many Benefits of Payoneer Master card:

  • Simply you do not need to check any other account for transferring any money.You can withdraw your funds from any ATM using Payoneer Master card.
  • The Most important thing is that you do not need any statement for getting Payoneer Master card.
  • You can use your Payoneer Master card for shopping purpose in mega stores also in different countries.
  • You can also use Payoneer Master card for online shopping like for purchasing Mobile,laptop,clothes,domain and Hosting etc.
  • You can also pay online Bills and Fees from this Master card.

Now i am going to tell you that How you can get that free Payoneer Master card for free also you will get 25$ as Bonus from Payoneer.

Before going Ahead i want to tell you some very important things if you really want to get 25$ from Payoneer as Bonus then you must need to Sign up Under a referral link and then you have to transfer 100$ in your account after that you shall be able to get 25$ as a Bonus from Payoneer.If you want to sign up under my referral then click here.


Payoneer will give you a referral link with which you can also refer your friends to Payoneer and can earn a good amount of money.You just need to convince a friend and give him/her your referral link and enjoy 25$ on each as bonus without any investment.

So now in the next step you just need your correct personal information.Fill all the the small boxes with required detail as i am showing in below picture.Put all the details honestly and correctly.They just require your name,email address,Shipping address etc.


In this step you need to put your correct information about your address , Postal code and city.But keep in mind that all of your information should be correct.You also need to put your correct mobile number to continue your sign up process for Payoneer Master card.When you fill up all those boxes then click NEXT Button.


Now you are on security setup area and now just keep in mind your feature transaction and fully concentrate on your sign up process.Fill all the boxes include security questions box,password box and etc.And now click on the Next….


I this step you need to verify your self i mean Payoneer need the Verification information that is related to you and then they will send the Payoneer Master card.If you are under 18 then you can not full fill this step because they need a National ID card number to process NEXT.


After filling all the boxes Tick all the Term and conditions boxes and then click on the FINISH Button as shown above.


After passing from every stage correctly you will receive a confirmation email from Payoneer in your inbox that you given.

How to Activate Your Payoneer Master Card?

You will receive your Payoneer Master card with in just 30 days at that location that you have given.But Normally the card arrive in 3 to 5 days.But some time it takes time to reach at your home.

When you will receive your Payoneer Master card just just need to open Payoneer.com and log in to your ready Made account.Add the Number of your Master card and cvv number and then choose a pin code with your own wish and Press OK.




This is the real method through which I actually have approved my Payoneer Master card and received it in just 7 days.

How to Get Payoneer Master Card and get 25$ Bonus