Payoneer is actually a financial service business that basically provide you the famous Mastercard to use anywhere around the Globe. The more about Payoneer is they provide online money transfer and also e-commerce payment services. Payoneer is US based company which comes up with unique services 10 years ago in 2005. Payoneer is registered company which works as Member Service Provider of Mastercard around the Globe.

Scot Galit is the present CEO of Payoneer and Yuval Tal is the founder of Payoneer. Now in past few years Payoneer got more famous among the world due to its valuable services. So now Payoneer provide the Services with which you can easily Use your Mastercard for online Transactions and Withdraw money from any local ATM from all over the world.

Payoneer is available in 210 countries including Pakistan. The additional advantage of Payoneer is that you can use a US bank account for receiving payments from anywhere. So it means that you can Use your Payoneer account for receiving payments from more than 800 US based companies.Is that Cool ? Yes it is Cool.


How To Order Payoneer MasterCard?

You all know that Paypal do not support Pakistan as it was not here since 1998.But you guys lose hope that Paypal is the only payment method with which you can receive Payments Globally. But I will prove you wrong because Payoneer is the best alternative of Paypal as you can receive and send payments using your MasterCard.

You can also shop online from any site using this MasterCard. Now when you decided to go with Payoneer then you just need to Simply open Payoneer website , create an account and order Payoneer MasterCard. But another great thing that Payoneer provides you that you will get 25$ on sign up if you will sign up Under my referral link.

So I am going to provide you a link with which you can go to Payoneer sign up page and after sign up You will get 25$.I also published a complete guide on it Previously on this blog “How to apply and Get Payoneer Master Card and Earn 25$”  Take a look.Here is the link:

Okie so now you need to fill all the details correctly and accurately. The most important thing is take care of your normal address and shipping address. Fill your address very carefully, So you will get your MasterCard on time.For further details How to apply for Payoneer card Click Here.

How to Activate the Payoneer MasterCard?

When You will order the Payoneer MasterCard after that you just need to wait maximum 15 to 20 days . But normally Payoneer take 5 to 7 days to arrive at your home.After receiving your Payoneer MasterCard you need to activate it first then you can use it.

When you will login to your Payoneer account,You will see an activation link from Payoneer that will take you at MasterCard activation page. Now you need to Enter your card number twice and genrate a new 4 digit Card PIN. After that you are ready to go. 🙂


So now I hope after watching and reading all the above things you are able to understand that How Payoneer MasterCrad works and how much useful it is for all of you guys.

But keep in mind that it is just a beginning with Payoneer and you will also learn more later when you will use it properly. If you are not the user of Payoneer MasterCard till then hurry up,Use below given link in the picture Sign Up today and earn 25$ for free.


Keep Things In Mind:

Most of friends make mistakes and apply more than one time for Payoneer MasterCard and in the result they never get Payoneer MasterCard. Apply for a single Card at a time Until you do not get your previous card. If you did not get your Payoneer MasterCard in 20 days then apply for another card or contact Payoneer support for further help. However if you will apply for multiple cards or make misuse of  card any other illegal activity,it will let you to go for a ban. All those activities is totally illegal for Payoneer. So be careful to avoid any problem.

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