THE NEWS was already leaked quite a few months ago but now it has been official: in a few months you can pay sums of money to friends as easily as you send a chat message. The news was announced by Facebook that they will introduce, for now only in the US, a new service to enable the exchange of money among its users through Messenger.

Note: The new service will arrive shortly in the United States. IN the social-media it will be “a more convenient and secure way to send and receive money”

Send Money-through-messanger

The service is not new in itself because already snap chat launched a system to send funds directly from the conversations going. In addition there are already apps for this type of money transfer, but the power of Facebook is already consolidated in an audience of over one billion users. The goal, says Facebook is “offer people a more convenient and secure way to send and receive money between friends”. The service is free and will be available on the play store for Android and iOS and the desktop version.

Facebook already processes more than a million transactions per day on its website (e.g. for games and advertisements) and now they have enhanced the functionality of app for the money transfer “peer-to-peer” (functions like file sharing). There are more than 500 million monthly users of Messenger. This service may be the prelude to others, such as shopping online. And there are others who wonder when it will arrive on WhatsApp?

The system works like this: you open the chat on Messenger with the friend to whom you want to send money. Pressing the new icon with dollar sign and then you enter a sum to be transferred. Then another touch on the “pay” button and you’re done. The first time you make or receive a donation Messenger will ask you to connect your account to a debit card, Visa or MasterCard. For the next time you use a PIN code to authorize the payment, while the latest generation of Apple devices just uses the fingerprint.