virtualassistant1If you have spent some time working in a corporate environment, through your experience and skills you have the ability to become a virtual assistant. Virtual assistant are freelancers who work remotely and use technology to provide services to clients globally. Many work from their home and get their project directions by phone, email or even instant messages. Many of the virtual assistant provides secretarial services such as proofreading, online research, data entry etc very much like a professional assistant would.
As a virtual assistant you can specialize any area such as internet marketing, social media design, it support or even translations are becoming more common. The downside to starting as a Virtual Assistant is that sometimes you might need to work nontraditional hours to fit in with the time zone of your clients. So if you got a client from the other side of the world, you might end up working in your evenings or nights to accommodate their mornings. But a lot of time clients will be flexible with the arrangements like this.
To get started as a Virtual Assistant, first you need to find out what sort of services you want to provide. Think about specializing 2 to 3 services initially then expand from their as your clients need you to grow. Then you should also create profiles on freelance websites like elance, guru, odesk or fiverr etc. Provide as much details as possible on your profiles about the experience you have, the skills you have got and the kind of services you provide. So that if some one finds your profile over the internet will contact you to work for him / her. You can also check these sites and find those people who have posted job listings. Check these listings out and contact them to check if you will be fit for their projects or not.

As a virtual assistant you might also want to join a few networking groups online, so you can get more professional contacts. This will increase your business demand. LinkedIn is a great place for this. The most important key to succeed as a virtual assistant is to make sure you always provide high quality service. You don’t want your clients to higher you for just one time. You want your clients to higher you for the long term. Clients will always want you to work for them if you show that how much valuable work you provide to them. As a virtual assistant might need to accept some lower paying rates then what you really want to begin with. But as your reputation for high quality work grows and you get more testimonials. You can then be able to ask for even higher rates. You might probably take as many clients as you might get. But you must keep in mind that you may not depend on a few clients as your primary source of income. With the passage of time as you grow in addition to new clients, you will have some permanent clients that will often give you projects.